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    Hey Everyone!

    I'm pretty new to roasting and hence blending so I was looking for some ideas from those who know far more than I

    I've been blending a few 2 bean combo's with mixed results, currently the Peru/Ethopian Ghimbi is my favourite! The missus drinks long blacks and I drink latte's and espresso's so I need a good combo that will stand up on it's own and with milk. I prefer the richer chic/mocha flavours to the brighter type coffees.

    My bean stash currently consists of:

    India Elephant Hills
    Ethopia Ghimbi
    Peru Ceja De Selva
    Costa Rica Terrazu
    Ethopia Oromia

    Any 3 bean combo's with these would be greatly appreciated or some help pointing me in the right direction for additional beans to buy to complete that magic 3 bean combo



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    You could try a base of the indian 50% then 25% each of the costa rican & ethiop Oromia that should work

    Also order some Indo greens and you would be able to do a KJM type blend


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      Thanks Cadan,

      I've done a 50-50 India/Ehopia which the missus wasn't a fan of but I'll give this a try too.


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        G'Day Mick.. I suspect you need to play about a bit more before you home in on what works for you. The "KJM Blend" took me a stonking long time to get right!

        You could also tweak by roast depth. When I first started roasting, I did some simple blends with the Tarrazu, One which worked for me was 70/30 Tarrazu/Ethiopian. Mrs KJM was not a fan of this until I roasted it just into second crack. And left it for about 7 days. The deep chocolate notes really came to the fore! I think that was also the first blend I ever did, and I did mess about a lot - I do remember doing a blend of that roast at that depth combined with the same thing roasted to my usual end-point - just shy of second crack. Nice.



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          Thanks Kevin,

          I just roasted 235g of both the Terrazu and the Ethopian Oromia yesterday so I'll try a 50/50 later this week and see how we go from there!


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            Hmm. I have to say - back then I was trying to save my Ethiopian bean stash - to stretch it out as it were. The 70/30 blend did that, and more. The Ethiopian dominates at 50/50 (my tasting notes from back then are a bit, well, sketchy!). The 70/30 gave me a really nice hit with the smoothness following.

            Be interesting to cup 50/50, 70/30 against eachother. So you could have a play



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              If only I had 2 grinders to set them up side by side

              Don't think the missus would be too happy if I steal any more of her bench space. I've already stolen 1/2 a cupboard for the Behmor and the 5 bags of coffee I've bought so far


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                Originally posted by eaglemick View Post
                If only I had 2 grinders to set them up side by side

                Don't think the missus would be too happy if I steal any more of her bench space. I've already stolen 1/2 a cupboard for the Behmor and the 5 bags of coffee I've bought so far
                Only 5 bags!? Geee....

                But I do have the advantage of having dug a cellar under the shed, so my stash is out of Mrs. KJM's hair . And in her new kitchen I have the luxury of a cupboard for the tea and coffee

                But you don't need 2 grinders, of course. Just put in 1 shot worth at a time. I do that anyway... Worth doing to see how it all goes. I found it VERY informative to tweak blends. You just need one of those cheap 0.01g resolution scales you can get for small change and you can come up with an accurate ratio that pleases and also know how you shift the flavour profile by adjusting the ratio. My only downside is that I can only really do that with two espressos. I don't know how those who cup professionally (yes - I do know it is cupped not-as-espresso and have done that too..) manage to keep it straight in their head.



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                  Does the ratio change not affect the pour though? I was thinking you may need a few extra shots to dial it in correctly for each one.


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                    Hi Mick
                    Different beans will certainly grind differently - but you should get enough tasting info out of the shot to make an informed choice, even if the pour is slightly fast/slow (shock horror - I'm going to be drawn & quartered for that - I can feel it in me bones!).
                    I also find that the difference between beans might only be 1/2 turn on a micro adjuster - so not that much really
                    You can then do a run-dry grind (ie if you don't keep beans in the hopper - just weigh the ratios & add beans straight into the throat - plus a few extra grams just to stop it pop-corning at the end) and it shouldn't make a massive difference to the flavour profile.

                    But will give heaps of useful info!


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                      Yup - what Matt said

                      If you roast the two at the same time (ish) and you're futzing with ratios of 25/75 50/50 70/30 and the like I'd go out on a limb and say you wouldn't notice one jot of difference in the pour. You probably could measure a difference, but you'd never pick it IMHO. I'd want quantitative evidence to the contrary!



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                        Thanks guys!

                        That's interesting as I noticed a big difference with the Ethopia Oromia on it's own versus 50/50 with the Terrazu. Grind on my Breville was 6 notches coarser as a standalone bean but the combo is younger at the moment so maybe that's a factor!

                        On a side note KJM I do like the 50/50 blend under milk! Bit earthy as a SO for me


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                          I have an absolute an un-erring desire to drink African (or even better - Yemeni!) coffees as SO espressos. Something not exactly beloved by others in my household... So much of my blending has been done with a view to making blends that work in milk, and add fill-in flavours or mouthfeel to my fave beans...

                          Give the 30/70 a go! You get additional smoothness and mouthfeel, but still have that wonderful Ethiopian zing