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  • Help with my first blend

    Hey all

    Ive just roasted up a about 500gm (post roast weight) of Java Banyuwangi just into second crack with the behmor before hitting cool (two batches, 1 slightly lighter than the other, but they both seem fairly dark)

    Can anyone suggest a bean i should attempt blending these with (and a suggested ratio), i have on hand green ready to roast:

    Uganda Kisaro
    India monsoon Malabar (although this may be hard to blend as it seems to take a lot longer to rest before it comes good)
    India Elephant Hills
    Brazil Pulped Natural
    Peru Ceja de Selva estate
    Columbian Volcan Galeras Supremo
    Ethiopian Gambelli Sun-dried
    Ethiopian Harar Boldrain GR4
    Guatemala Finca Ceylon Organic
    Brazil Daterra Sweet collection (250gms max)
    Indonesia Blue Batak (250gms max)

    Any suggestions appreciated

    Forgot to mention I drink a mix of espresso, long blacks and flat whites!
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    Hi Luke
    Great range of options there!
    Maybe try a traditional Mocha Java blend (you've just done the Java component) - so do a 50/50 with one of your Ethiopians (or the Uganda for some huge chocolate notes!)
    That should tick the boxes in most of those drinks - have fun!


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      Help with my first blend

      Thanks Matt the Ugandan is ticking over in the Behmor as I post


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        hey luke amazing collection of greens; did you just get into this caper?


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          i did, only a few months ago, the collection is varied due to purchasing a sample pack from beanbay and then my wife buying me a sample pack from another supplier. The only 4 beans i have in bulk are the two indian varieties, the Java and the Ugandan. the rest are in 500gm size, hence me using the ugandan as the blender, im planning to try them all as single origins before i try to blend them.

          Dunno if its just me as i havent read much about it as a SO but im really like the monsoon malabar at the moment, so think, syrupy and full of crema.


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            I have to go with Matt on this one, any of those Ethiopian beans i would try. Both in their own way are going to add something different to the Java.. If you wanted to try something other than just one bean i would go for the Peru into the mix aswell



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              Originally posted by Lukemc View Post
              India monsoon Malabar (although this may be hard to blend as it seems to take a lot longer to rest before it comes good)
              Hi Luke,
              I have really been enjoying this bean as a S.O. for the past few months. I have found that it is its very best 2-6 days post roast. After the 6th day there commences the start of a gradual loss of its spectacular tastes.



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                Just to push a suggestion - the KJM blend I've been knocking over just lately has had the Kisoro as the African bean. It is one of those really "stable" recipes - so you could give that a go with what you've got there!



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                  Help with my first blend

                  50/50 Uganda/Java is very smooth and chocolaty in milk (excellent just to my taste) it's a bit plain to my untrained palate as an espresso but def not unpleasant.

                  Thanks for all the suggestions guys ill work my way through them


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                    Had some good success with:
                    40% Blue Batak
                    40% Harar Boldgrain
                    20% Daterra

                    Current one I am drinking:
                    45% Daterra
                    35% Blue Batak
                    20% Sidamo

                    Seems to work well with ristretto, long black, latte with milk or bonsoy.


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                      I'm new also and Jealous of Lukemc's green bean collection.
                      I purchased only 3 different green ready to roast beans.
                      I have:
                      - Jamaica Blue mountain Estate
                      - Kenya Thiaru Estate AA
                      - Brazil Daterra Estate - Sweet Collection
                      My other half got me these from BeanGreen but I am looking at getting the Variety Pack from Bay Beans which contains, Forte, Super Crema, Mocha Prince and Espresso OR getting the Starter Pack from Coffee Snobs (however I don't know what is included in this pack).

                      Which would you recommend to start with, the Varity Pack from Bay Beans or Coffee Snobs? Also, depending on which I choose. What blends and ratio's would you suggest to start off with?

                      I have no idea about blends. Is there a rule of thumb to blending or can you mix any bean with any other bean?



                      P.S. Love Coffee Snobs. I am finding so many hot tips on here. It's great, thanks everyone!