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Blending experiment: starting with 7 roasts

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  • Blending experiment: starting with 7 roasts

    Today i have roasted 7 different beans:

    Kenyan Muranga
    Nicaraguan Finca Dipilto Maragogipe
    Ethiopia Oromia Coop Limu
    Brazil Cerrado Toffee
    Brazil Pulped Natural
    Java Banyawangi
    Ethiopian Yirgacheff

    each was 300g and in the Behmor P2, 1LB, D, adjust to 16 mins [nominal;] and remove/fan cool just after 2nd crack. They've all turned out quite even about C10. ( how we like it)

    The biggest pleasant surprises have been the nicaraguan ( the beans are lovely and big and roast beautifully) and in general how similar the results have been across the beans with the behmor. I normally roast 375g for 18 minutes nominal because i like the bigger yield but 300g is a good size i think to get very repeatable results.

    My plan is to cup them next weekend and from there make tasting notes and work out a blend

    I prefer to keep it to 3 beans for simplicity, and i my theory is i will end up with Kenyan, Java and maybe the Nicaraguan.

    Question: once we've made notes and plan a blend, do you cup the blend? [ does a cupping result resembe the roasted blend i guess i mean ?]

    Click image for larger version

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    Brett - I always did. Although not "properly" as my colleague Hazbean would jump in and say... But I did. I tried to cup the different ratios of blends too - which was a disaster for me. After the first couple, my palate died. I take my hat off to those who do that job all day!