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  • A Geography Question

    First, let me start with a cofession, I am geographically challanged. Yes I still have my GPS on, to and from work just to be sure.

    This personal short coming doesn't complement my recent venture into home roasting very well, especially when various coffee regions (e.g. Central, African etc) are used as Blending guideline.

    Without having to open a world atlas and using my non existence sense of direction, can someone please be so kind to summarise common coffee growing regions and what countries are associated with each region

    Many thanks

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    Centrals are from Central America eg Guatamala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama, Mexico, Honduras
    Africans are from Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Uganda
    Indonesian--Sumatran, Ace, PNG, Sulawesi, Bali, Timor
    South American--Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru
    check out Sweet Marias web site for heaps of origin info!!


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      Here's a good link JB Coffee From Around The World - National Coffee Association just try Googling worl coffee growing regions, it's all there.


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        Thanks Greenman and Yelta for the handy tips!