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help from the wonderful world of blenders :)

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  • help from the wonderful world of blenders :)

    Hi guys!
    I've been roasting for a little while now in my popper and so far so good. I've roasted so far:
    Brazil pulped natural
    Peru ceja de selva
    Ethiopian gambella
    Columbian supremo
    And Indian monsoon robusta (which actually is quite drinkable as a S.O)

    My fav is the peru. I've gone through several kgs and found a nice blend between it and Ethiopia gambella and robusta 60:35:5

    My question is this: I've ran out of everything except the robusta Haha... And would like to pick a nice mocha java blend and would love the opinion of all you guys that have roasted probably everything in beanbay Haha I usually make exclusive lattes but occasionally have espresso al la natural Haha. Any and all advice would be welcome oh. And please only beans that are currently in bean bay
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi D
    The current Java & Eth Coop is a good Mocha/Java mix - did a 60/40 a few weeks ago, and very nice in a latte… :-)


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      I second that, the Java and Eth coop are great together. I will also add i am enjoying the Eth coop as a single origin..


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        Thanks guys! those two it is!


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          Well guys thought i better post a reply
          I used 60:40 mix with a 10%additional monsoon robusta that was roasted 5 days in advance.
          Its a fantastic coffee so far. The term bright keeps springing to mind with the coop. Its a very nice bean. And the nutty almost creamy java go amazing together
          Im hoping the taste develops a little more over the next week
          Thanks again guys its an amazing blend!


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            Sounds great :-)
            I always find this type of blend really hits is straps about 10 days - so hope it last that long to get the best out of it!