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Milk blend using Eth. Gambella, Peru de Ceja, Colombian, Brazil Pulped Natural?

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  • Milk blend using Eth. Gambella, Peru de Ceja, Colombian, Brazil Pulped Natural?

    Hi guys,

    I ordered a green starter pack from beanbay and received 500g each of the following:

    Colombian Volcan Galeras Supremo
    Brazil Pulped Natural
    Ethiopian Gambella Sundried
    Peru de Ceja Estate

    Is there anything simple y'all can recommend I try as far as blends to drink primarily with milk? Everyone seems to recommend Mocha Java but I'm missing the Java =(

    Are there any you'd suggest are best as SOs? I wasn't too sold on the Peru (which I bought 2.5kg of) until about 5-7 days after I'd roasted it, after which I'm loving it (must learn to drink less or roast more so I'm not drinking everything 1-5 days after roasting it).

    Cheers - Alex

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    Those three South Americans go fine together (some like equal proportions, I prefer 50% Brazil, 25/25 of the others). Either chuck them all in together and pull a touch before 2nd crack (only a tiny touch b4), or roast the Brazil separately, and take it into 2C (CS10 ish) and do the others a touch lighter... 2 to about CS9ish.

    Pity you haven't got some of the Sulawesi Toraja, coz I've got a blend of 50% Brazil, 25% Sula, 25% Gambella which is fantastic as a flat white (perhaps my favourite of all I've come up with). Also works quite well in Aeropress, and as an espresso.

    I've tried all of the above as SO lattes, and I like all of them except the Columbian.


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      Barry,s recommendation is a good one.

      Based on your starter pack, you can pre blend the americans and create a classic blend. Roast to verge of second crack and they will go well with milk.

      Use the Gambella for your SO, for espressos, short macs or macchiatos, to highlight the character of the bean.

      The blend would suit lattes.


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        Of course, you can roast a single batch of each as SO. Then taste them as SOs and then tinker with blends according to your preference.


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          Thanks guys, I'll let you know how I get on


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            How did you get on with your blends Dragunov?

            For the rest of CS community reading this, I just received my starter kit and have some other beans as well. Apart from the above, what blends would you create if you had:

            India Elephant Hills AA grade
            India 'Tiger Mountain'
            Colombian Volcan Galeras Supremo
            Brazil Pulped Natural
            Peru Ceja de Selva Estate
            Ethiopian Gambella Sundried
            Kenya 'Thiaru Estate' AA grade

            Most of my consumption is under milk and I've only got a popper for roasting


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              Forgot to post back here, cheers.

              I'm a bit of a fool - I forgot I had a few kg of Bali "God Mountain" stashed away, so I went with a 60/40 Mocha Java. Wasn't much chop for the first week, then suddenly, delicious!