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Blending the same bean.

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  • Blending the same bean.

    Hi all,

    Im just wondering if there is anyone who considers blending the same beans but at different roast profiles? For example i have tried Ethiopia Sidamo Guji roasted at two different roast depths at 50/50, some lighter CS8 so it brings some acidity and flavour but also some darker towards a CS-9-10 to try and develop the body.

    Visually looking at the roast after blending it together it doesn't look fantastic due to the lighter and darker roasts, however i have found it to be rather nice to drink a few days later. I have also tried both bean profiles by themselves also.



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    Hi Chris,

    It might be a bit more common than you think!
    I have used it in a commercial setting in two ways,
    roasting the base blending bean at two different levels and batch roasting
    a preblend at two different levels.

    There's no reason not to, especially with really good beans, such as the ones on beanbay.
    The technique is used to build complexity, bring subtle nuances to a blend and to highlight
    the different roast level characteristics of some useful beans.

    Happy experimenting!!


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      Hi Chokk,

      Thanks for your reply. It maybe what i have been experiencing is a more complex taste. I have found with many other blend of different beans that certain characteristic of one bean can be over shadowed by another. Yet in using the same bean you can bring hopefully all characteristics out without becoming lost in different flavours due to being the same bean.



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          Thanks Chris for the idea .. I will give my Guatemala Huehuetenago a Go !


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            I do it all the time by accident by not being precise with popper roasting, then mixing three or four batches of differing roast levels all together.
            Works well enough for me


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              I know the folks that import the Vanuatu Tanna Island beans that are available on BeanBay and I bought some of their green coffee that they use in their Coffee shop on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. It was recommended to me that I roast the beans to 1/3 at CS6, 1/3 at CS8, and 1/3 at CS10. This advice was given after I showed him the Coffee Snobs colour chart.
              I was rather impressed by the result.