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    Hi all

    I have just purchased a behmor and received elephant hills with the order. I would like some advice regarding green beans. I want to purchase 8-10kilos from bean bay but when I went to order realised I have no idea about blending!

    What would you recommend buying as a reasonable starting point for my green bean bank?

    thanks in advance


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    Hi Matt, There are many beans to choose from... My personal advice would be to go through the selection of what is available and pick which ones take your fancy. When you receive them i would roast each bean by themselves. Give them a couple of days and start trying them (even straight after you have roasted if you cant wait a few days) Take notes of tastes and how they change over the week. After that i would start blending beans together which you think would go well with other beans.

    You will find that some or most beans go well on their own as a Single Origin (SO) in some sort of way.

    Mind you if you wish to blend straight ways thats cool also. I like many like to taste SO beans first.

    Kind regards,



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      Hi Matt
      Welcome to roasting!
      With so many beans available (and none of them are bad from beanbay!) with all very different characteristics, my advice would be to start really slowly. I've had lots of indifferent results by wildly blending large numbers of random beans while learning to roast - and then wondering whether it was the roast or the blend that went wrong!
      I'd suggest maybe choose 1 or 2 origins - say 5kg an Ethiopian and 5kg of an Indonesian. Then keep roasting one variety to see how it behaves, how it likes to be roasted etc and what you like the taste of in the cup. This then removes the variables of different beans. Then try the other type. This will allow you to polish your roasting technique on the behmor.
      Then, when you are happy with both on their own - roast a batch of each and try blending in the grinder. Or combine the two types of greens in different proportions and roast together (these beans roast brilliantly together - mmmmm mocha java! ;-) - and see the difference from the single origins.
      Keep records - and have fun!



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        Thanks for the replies, I decided on some Ethiopian Gambella, Sumatran Ganung Bandahara and some PNG Wahgi. I hope that will give me a good base to build from.

        I'm excited to get started!


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          A good selection. You'll enjoy those. Have fun!