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Dont try this at home (or anywhere)...

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  • Dont try this at home (or anywhere)...

    Hi all,

    2/3 Indian Gold + 1/3 Rwandan = horrible. Roasted medium (CS8-9), no taste in milk and a truly awful espresso. Like drinking a liquid form of chalk. I should keep a bag around for when the mother in law comes to visit.....

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    That's odd. Seems like that should work … how long has it rested?
    Might be a wait-for-2-weeks-then-try-again blend!


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      I'm not surprised. If anything, I would use 2/3 Rwandan and 1/3 Gold
      Try the Monsooned malabar as a single origin in an espresso (short black), preferably after a long rest time (I usually drink after 14 days). I was blown away the first time I tried it like that. The other thing about MM as that it requires a fine grind.

      If you are going to blend with it, I tend to use it sparingly - no more than 20%. Again, I usually roast a small quantity and split it - some to drink as a SO and some to add to the next blend I make.


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        I use the Monsooned Malabar Gold at 10%. The first time I used this in a blend, as a 40% base to a Mocha Java, was a disaster.

        But I won a medal with this one:
        Bull Elephant Blend (GB12)
        India Elephant Hills AA Grade - 180
        India Monsoon Malabar Gold - 60
        Ethiopia Ghimbi - 180
        Sulawesi Blue - 120
        ROBUSTA India Kaapi Royale Bold - 60

        Needs a long(er) resting time.



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          It's interesting Paulvin, after my initial thoughts - I realised that I actually had a similar blend waiting in the wings - 60/40 Eth Coop Limu (not Rwandan) & MMG - 8 days post roast. It was a first time try for me too!
          I see what you mean by the 'chalky' aftertaste. Must be the combo of the light, sweet cotton-candy MMG with the light, earthy African. Not a lot of body or depth - but still lots of flavour IMHO. Tried both in FW, Piccolo & Doppio. Probably too sweet for me in reality - but a worthy experiment! Will see how it ages…
          And I agree with Flynnaus too - MMG is a startling SO!!



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            10 days in, and my 60/40 Eth Coop Limu & MMG has lost it's chalkiness as a FW - but is ooooh soooo sweeeeet! (literally sugary!)
            Wouldn't drink it all the time - but glad I didn't chuck it!
            How did yours shape up Paulvin as it aged?