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  • Indonesian Espresso Blend

    I need to make an espresso blend and I only have the Indonesian green beans: Aceh Gayo, Toraja Kalossi and Bali Kintamani. Do you have any suggestion for the right proportion? (in %). It is for use on commercial espresso machines. Thanks a lot!!

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    Welcome Altaso,

    Hmm... 3 Indonesians for a blend to be used commercially because that's all you have- for how many cafes? Is there any reason why you have access only to 3 beans?

    It may be possible, but it would help to know why you need to do this?

    Whilst there are few words to read, what's between the lines concerns me....


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      Maybe Altaso is in Indonesia? Maybe even the Kopi Luwak Altaso?


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        most probably Altaso is in indo like me. it's quite hard to source imported green beans here. what i roast i home i buy from CS or while on holiday in australia.
        commercial roasting here finding fresh and good quality beans is a bit of a challenge. so yeah i'm guessing that's probably one of the reasons behind it. but yeah there's are plenty of other specialty grade coffee coming from jawa, sumatra, sulawesi n bali. haven't really got anything that nice from papua but yeah sourcing them locally also need to know the right contacts. not as easy to find them like in australia.


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          What I find with Blending only Indonesian beans is that the outcome is over powering as a bold dark coffee.
          I suggest to perfect individual origin and keep it as is, then you can post blend to try different percentages.


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            I live in Indonesia and I want to make a blend with local beans only. Imported beans are not always available and for commercial purpose I need consistency in the product.
            I know I can try with different origins at a certain percent to get a decent blend for espresso but if someone can give a expert advice, for me is much better. Thanks