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Pre-roast or post roast blend for 2 bean combi?

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  • Pre-roast or post roast blend for 2 bean combi?

    Thinking of doing a basic 2 bean blend (eg. Indian MM and African, indian for body, crema, african for brightness and acidity OR centrals & african). Now, with the indian MM being rather unique in colour and density, how would it come up if it was blended pre-roast say, with an Ethiopian Sidamo? I reckon the recommendation would be for roasting separate and blending post roast, but would it be a disaster to blend the greens and roast in one go?

    A slight variation to this, would it make a difference to keep the green blend together (ie. blend the green MM and green sidamo and keep for a few days) prior to roasting?

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    Hi NtE
    There will be all sorts of thoughts on the pre/post roast ideas. Benefits to both depending on the beans.
    FWIW - my attitude is "Give it a go!"

    My fav pre-roast blend is a 50/50 Eth Yirg and Central (Guat/El Sal/ Mex). They just roast well together. A mocha java (eth/indo) also seems to work well.
    IMM would work well pre-blend with an Eth too (I've had some great roasts with this combo) it can handle a slightly faster ramp if need be to match the African.

    But I'd suggest give it a go - we all learn by trying And if you don't try - to you stumble across the winners!

    IMHO, once your roast technique is up to the point where it is giving you generally good results, this experimentation will very rarely give you bad results - just interesting feedback!!

    Happy roasting!


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      In general, I agree with Matt...

      Once you get a few roasts under your belt and feel confident of determining the outcomes of your roasting efforts, you could then try some experimentation along the lines of what is discussed in this thread...



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        I'm chucking 20% IMM in with all my blends at the moment.... Love the stuff. Seems to roast evenly enough with whatever else I have in there. Guarantees a great crema.
        I've have just last week prepared 2 roasts of Vanuatu, one dark and one a bit lighter on advice that it'll get the best of both worlds post blended. Will try that tomorrow separately first, then together....
        Good luck playing!


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          I have pre blended and roasted Indian Garrigekan Estate and Ethiopian Gambella 50/50--this combination has been producing an intensely viscous cup, huge chocolate and cocoa notes with hints of spice and a lingering aftertaste. 12min to first crack, in the cooler at 14.30 just on first snaps of second crack.


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            For pre blending I always use beans of similar density, moisture content and size. Still think you get best results post blend but it isn't always possible when working with small batch sizes. Give it a go just bring the heat in slowly if your using the MM, she can be a delicate thing.


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              Hi where can we get that medium roast slightly sweet tasting coffee beans- I think most airport cafe's use it- someone told me it was a brand called " Pasquale " ??


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                I'll be visiting Vanuatu next month for a few weeks- from all I have been reading in this forum looking forward to enjoying quality coffee while I'm there


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                  Originally posted by Peregrine4 View Post
                  Hi where can we get that medium roast slightly sweet tasting coffee beans- I think most airport cafe's use it- someone told me it was a brand called " Pasquale " ??
                  Did you try googling what you're after? It's from a non-sponsor roaster.

                  I don't know about 'most airport cafes'.......... depends on which cafe / what roaster account.


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                    I've been looking for a strong espresso blend that stands up in milk. After playing the last 2 months with SO's I started blending Brazil Natural And Colombian Volcan together roasting each separately. That had worked OK but I wanted more crema and sweetness so had been messing with a couple of other SO's adding them post roast.

                    Last night I finally bit the bullet and did a pre-roast blend with the Colmbian and Brazil together to just on SC with a slow ramp up and used that as a base with Wahgi and Indian MM blended pre-roasted together to end of RFC.

                    I was really pleased with how well the blends roasted together (especially the leap of faith with the MM and Wahgi!). They've been bagged and tagged and will sit for about 8-9 days now which is where the sweet spot starts for me (unless I can't wait) Will report back on how it went.

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                      Thank for your advice I will give it a go and see, hopefully the result will be good


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                        The Brazil and Colombian will be quite full bodied, if you add some Elephant Hills at maybe 20% you will have some sweetness coming through, add some PNG and you get some acid to help it cut through milk nicely. Damn, thats a 4 bean mix!

                        The new Brazil Yellow Bourbon is really nice, has good body and some sweetness, that would also be a good start, then add one other bean of your choice.

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