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  • Bland blend

    Hi CSers,

    New to roasting. Blended a Mexico el Triunfo 50%, Eth Yirg 30% and India Elephant Hills 20%. The blend was pretty bland and needs a bit of a kick. Usually drunk with small amount of milk.

    Any advice on how I could mix these differently or add another bean to add some pop?

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    When did you roast them and how developed was the roast?

    Pre or post roast blend?


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      Hi chokkidog, roasted 3 days ago and pre roast blend.


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        Hi frasertr.....Having it as espresso? It's a bit early for the roast to shine.

        It's normal for an espresso roast to be in no man's land for a week, even more for some beans,

        so don't be concerned. I'd expect a good roast of these beans to show some character from about day 7 onwards.


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          Thanks chokkidog. That's great news because I thought the roast was quite good. Nice colour and timed well with the 2nd crack.


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            Also chokkido, I drink it with a bit of milk usually. Maybe not the right blend for milk?


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              No ... fine with milk but not too much. ;-)


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                Hi Frasertr,

                Have you roasted these beans by themselves and tried them by themselves before roasting them together as a blend? I find if you want to make a blend its good to get to know the characteristics each bean has before blending. It might be a matter of opinion but roasting those beans you have in the blend together I wouldn't and i would roast them separately then blend.




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                  Hi Chris, yes I've roasted them separately as well. I've tasted them individually and done some post roast blending. I think you're right that I need to understand characteristics of individual beans more. My fav individually for espresso is the India EH.

                  I've just tasted my blend again this morning and it's tasting slightly more complex. Might be placebo effect!


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                    Chockkidog is right on here frasertr, allow your beans to rest and develop some flavour for 7 days minimum, depending on temerature it could be longer. In the colder months I find my beans need to develop from 10 to 14 days before they are hitting the spot. In summer its much shorter.

                    I try to roast enough beans to allow them to sit for that length of time before opening the bag. Your blend looks fine, should be a cracker in milk with the Mexican pushing the flavours of the Yirggi and Elephant Hills to a 'perfect blend'.


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                      hi frasertr,

                      can i ask how you went with the blend? did it improve over time?


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                        JKM, it did improve but I actually found that increasing the percentage of Yirg made the blend beautiful with milk. I went 40% Yirg, 40% Mex el Triunfo, 20% India Elephant Hills. Awesome flavours.