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blending assistance required please...

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  • blending assistance required please...

    I have just received my order of 1kg Colombian volcan galeras, 500g of Peru ceja de selva estate and 500g of Ethiopian harrar longberry. These are roasted beans.

    I am trying to blend, but have no idea what I'm doing. I realize most people blend prior to roasting, but I don't have a roaster and don't plan on buying one in the near future.

    Can anyone offer some guidance?

    Mainly drink with milk. Latte and cappacino.

    Thanks Steve.

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    Hi Steve,

    You may find that a lot of people don't blend prior to roasting. Hardly ever do I except if I wish to trial two beans. As for blending there is no set rules. However with the beans you have I personally suggest trying 50% Peru 40% colombian and 10% harrar. At the end of the day it's what tastes good to you.



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      Taste them separate and make some notes on what the dominant attributes are.

      You will prob find something like...

      The Colo is bold
      The Peru is body and balance
      The Harrar is fruity

      Try them in 3rds first... if it needs more kick in a milk based drink try adding more Colo, if its an espresso shot you might like more Peru to improve the low body in the Harrar and yet retain the fruits.

      Short answer is YOU need to do this for best results as your brewing method, style and of course taste will determine what works best for you (not what someone else thinks works best for you!). There are no rules, just your taste buds.

      Enjoy the journey.