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Honduras + Sulawesi Blend

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  • Honduras + Sulawesi Blend

    I cracked open a bag of Sulawesi Blue a few days ago which was 5 days post roast. A lovely coffee but after a couple of days drinking it as an SO I found its earthiness to be a bit over-powering. Switched to a PNG Mt Ambra yesterday morning.

    Then yesterday I cracked open a bag of Honduras Montana de Comayagua which I had lightly roasted and was 4 days post roast. I found the acidity exactly as Andy had described on bean bay- citrus peel.

    So I had the Honduras which I felt was a bit too acidic (will go for a darker roast next time) and the earthiness of the Sulawesi Blue. I combined the two of them at 50/50 by weight blend ratio and the result was a great balance in the cup. Highly recommended.

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    This sounds like it would be a really nice blend. Similar to all those Mocha Java blends.
    I have to say im with you about the Sulawasi and other Indo coffees. They are nice but their earthiness can be a bit over powering(i dont like to say overpowering, more over earthiness).

    But when you add something different to the indo coffees they really shine. Still in my opinion a very important part of many blends.

    Will definitely try your blend you have mentioned


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      There is one exception to the rule with Indo coffees and that is Sulawesi Kalossi (aka Sulawesi Toraja). This is one of my favourites of all time but very difficult to find. I first tried it when I was working in the jungles of Sulawesi.