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  • PNG Wahgi AA

    Roasted half a kilo last Saturday and did a taste test this morning in a flat white. I generally roast into 2nd crack to around 232°.

    I do like the taste, but I feel in the mouth that it is somewhat light, not watery. To my taste it needs something added to give it a fuller mouth feel or thicker or velvety feel in the mouth.

    I also roasted some Kenya AAA and although a different taste it still feels light on the mouth.

    Could anyone suggest what could be added to this bean to achieve that or a roast profile as a single origin.

    Your help is much appreciated


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    go dowh with the temperature, something like 220° and only short into the 2nd crack
    or use some african robusta beans to it


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      Thanks, Rolf, will give it go. I am using a Coffee Crafters air roaster and get to second crack around 227 to 230 measuring the Coffesnobs temperature probe and software


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        I like the PNG W AA but with a Colombian Volcan Galeras Especial.
        Equal parts in the mix but I roast separately then combine.

        I don't like either on a lite roast but bring them up just before the second crack and and the pour is just perfect. Nice and thick and frothy.
        Good Luck


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          I pan roasted 200g Wahgi till the first crack starting to roll.. I used Flair to make a cup and tasted with milk. The cocoa flavor is quite obvious but the astringent aftertaste is so strong. I roasted another 200g Wahgi till the rolling second crack.. the cocoa flavor is full and stable from the first sip to finish. The astringent aftertaste disappeared.

          So far so good. What i am trying to ask is if there is some fine line in between my two roasting? I want a bit more aroma.
          My previous roasting batch is Ethiopia Yirgacheffe natural. Probably I am comparing too different beans. The cast iron pan is my only roasting tool but I think any general roasting knowledge will help. Thanks a lot.


          • Whorl
            Whorl commented
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            Try somewhere in the middle. Or mix a small amount of each together and see how it tastes!