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    Just read this older thread and the pre blend vs post blend discussion. Some of the pre blend advocates have said some beans work just as well as post blends and some don't, so then which beans work well together as a pre blend?


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      Beans of similar densities work well together, my Fruitcake blend is pre-blend and comprises equal parts Sulawesi Blue, PNG Wahgi and Ethiopian Gambella--these all work together to produce a great long black and also works well in milk drinks.
      If you read posts in the blending section you should find plenty of discussion on different combinations and experiences.
      Happy roasting


      • barri
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        Fruitcake blend! I like that. I've been known to be called that.

      • Jiffy
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        Hi Greenman,
        I have those 3 atm so I’m keen to roast today
        How long do you rest/develop this before consuming?
        Or should I ask what have you found to be minimum rest and also the ideal rest time ..

      • greenman
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        Jiffy, I try and rest them for 4 or 5 days before using them, they then develop progressively and hold up well for a few weeks (not that they usually last that long) at this roast level!

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      I think you should separately roast them first. After that you can blend them with the suitable rate.

      Kevin Tran
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        Trial and error is all it takes to find which blend you enjoy. I usually post-blend 2/3 Brazil and 1/3 Ethiopian beans however I've pre-blended with the same ratio a few times because I haven't had enough of either left and I must say if there is a difference it's very minor. I'd say for the convenience of doing a single roast I prefer pre-blending!


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          Most beans are 'ok' as a pre-blend, and a good proportion are 'fine' as a pre-blend. There are some exceptions. There was this midget Maui bean that Andy had that was enough trouble stopping from racing into 2nd crack after breathing on it, and it was certainly not a friend of pre-blends. I pre-blend 90% of the blends I do (including a corrupted version of greenman's fruitcake blend).


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            Relative newbie in the roasting game - I do both pre blend and post blend - I must say I prefer the pre blending roast due to a better consistency in roast. I can't say I notice any major flavour differences when pre blending. At the end of the day I try not to over think it and roast to taste. So far, so good - no complaints from the wife, friends, family or work colleagues with whom I experiment upon.


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              I roast as singles as Mr LittleGene maxes out at 300g

              Today I've got six origins to roast. All from BeanBay

              Tanzania Ngorongoro
              Sulawesi Blue
              Panama Volcan Baru
              Miel Guji Wamena

              Going to do a mocha java with the Sulawesi and Shakisso

              A fruity African three way

              Something for everyone with a miel base plus some Sulawesi and Panama

              What's left will be drunk as singles... So many options!
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                Pre-blending was a disaster for me. Half the beans were charcoal by the time I got to the end of the first crack.