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50/50 Blend Ethiopian Limmu and Sulawesi Blue

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  • 50/50 Blend Ethiopian Limmu and Sulawesi Blue

    I’ve tried a few 50-50 blends post roast just to get a feel of how the different coffees interact. My latest is the above blend, both separately roasted to about 10 seconds post 2nd crack.
    P5 manual to rolling first crack, then P3+D to second crack.
    This is a ripper in my Lelit Mara for a double espresso-big and smooth with just a hint of the Limmu fruit character coming through—very enjoyable!

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    A couple of terrific beans there mate...
    No surprises there about the outcome in the cup.



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      Sounds like you've got a slight variation of an old classic - the mocha java blend.


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        Thanks for the discussion. Have just received my green beans from Andy. This includes Peru Ceja de Selva A, Colombian Volcan Galeras Supremo, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Special Prep, Costa Rica Miel SHB, India Monsoon Malabar Gold and Sulawesi Blue Triple Sort. Looks like there are many blending options here. Any past efforts or suggestions would be most welcome. I use the Behmor roaster. Thanks