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Channeling with a particular bean

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  • Channeling with a particular bean

    Hi everyone,

    I have a (seemingly) rare problem:

    I’ve roasted two different beans, Sulawesi Blue Triple Sort and Ethiopia Guji Wamena Gr1. The S was amazing, no issues. I prep’d the E exactly the same way and I’ve constantly had channeling.

    I’ve tried both a medium and a darker roast. I’ve tried different grinds, different tamp pressure, different dosage (the E seemed to weigh more and so originally I just matched the weight)... I can’t figure it out? I’ve wasted 300g trying.

    Is it possible for a particular bean to be more prone to channeling? Any other thoughts?


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    Have you ruled out roast consistency issues with the EO?


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      I second stralto's question. Those are quite different beans, and while I roast most beans with one profile (Indos, Centrals, Southerns) Ethiopians are the one I roast to a different profile.
      The Sulewesi is a much softer bean, and tends to handle a slightly gentler roast, where you can hit most Ethiopians a little bit harder due to their density. But if some Ethiopians (Harrar is the worst!) are roasted too gently, they'll tend to get softer and more chalky – and tend to choke & channel under same grind settings. So for this batch I'd jump in boots and all and go a fair bit coarser in grind for the Guji and see - it might still taste great with the new grind! But next time … try roasting a little harder
      Cheers Matt


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        Hey guys,

        Many thanks for the replies.

        I think the roast consistency is ok, I could be wrong though..

        when you say roast a bit “harder”, does that mean darker?



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          I’ve just googled things..

          To roast it hard, would I preheat my Gene Cafe (to something) before adding the beans? As opposed to putting the beans straight in and then turning the roaster on?


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            Ethiopian beans can handle/quite like higher temperatures early in the roast.
            In my setup (a corretto) I always use a ramping temp increase up to first crack for all beans, but with Ethiopian beans I begin on a higher initial heatgun setting, which will overall give a faster temperature climb up to first crack. In a Gene Cafe, I'mm not sure how that would work — but either a higher temperature or possibly smaller/larger batch size?
            Any Gene users out there to advise?


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              Take a look at this site for roasting profiles for the Gene Cafe


              Might be a good starting point.