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    ...yes you read that right. I roasted a few batches of naturals and noticed a number of quakers, ie beans that roasted to a much lighter colour and felt very light in the hand. Since there were a few more than usual I decided to remove them, but I was unsure of how much difference this would actually make - so I saved them, and added some more from about four more batches, until I had enough for an 18.8g brew. The ground coffee was similarly light gold in colour. I do pretty much a flat white, ristretto shot of 18.8g producing 30g in 40 seconds (they ground down a bit finer than I was expecting).

    The resulting cuppa was incredibly mild, to the point that I could have served it up to a friend that likes hot milk that has had a couple beans waved at it from across the room. But absolutely zero bitterness or any other nasty flavours either.

    So my takeaway from this experiment is that I won't bother to remove quakers in future unless they are in such high numbers that the coffee would be significantly less tasty - which has pretty much never been the case.

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    What are the origins of the beans used?

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      How to spot a Quaker:

      Click image for larger version

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        Quakers come in different levels as there are different levels of ripeness in the coffee cherry. I usually pick the palest one after the roast and chew on it. If it doesn't taste grassy, I will accept all of them in the batch.


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          I used quakers ranging from palest to mid-pale, from origins Ethiopia Shakisso Estate, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Naturals, Cuba Turquino, Panama Volcan Baru SHB, PNG Wahgi AA, Panama Rati Hartmann Black Honey. But I'm thinking most quakers are going to be like this, ie pretty much tasteless.


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            BeanBay beans one and all it appears.

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              They won’t be quakers. This has been covered before.


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                Originally posted by LeroyC View Post
                They won’t be quakers. This has been covered before.
                But no evidence for that position has been advanced other than argument from authority which is automatically discounted (unless you are a theologian in which case it's all you have).

                To the OP: I did a similar test and got different results. The beans that you and I call quakers (at least until evidence to the contrary is advanced) have, to me, an unpleasant flavour that I find distracting even at a low proportion. I persist in removing them from my favoured Ethiopians and have given up on CS Harrar because there are too many to be bothered with.
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