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Yirgacheffe + Guatemala + PNG

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  • Yirgacheffe + Guatemala + PNG

    Nice when a see-what-happens blend works out and this three part blend is a must-try-again.

    Equal parts of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Guatemala Huehuetenango and PNG Wahgi roasted on April 23 and opened May 1.
    First tried as a latte then straight away with a short black. There were all sorts of nice flavours, Don't ask me to describe them but prominent at the first sip was a lovely chocolate flavour with some sweetness and brightness. The espresso was lovely and smooth. I expet this roast will develop nicely over the coming days peaking at about day 12 post-roast

    The roast was stopped at the beginning of second crack. Sorry, my RoastMonitor graph wasn't saved so can't share it with you. Pretty much followed my stock standard corretto profile of 5-6 mins of drying @ 10 deg/min then 15-16 deg/min untill yellowing. Dropped back to 7 deg/min for a few mins (Maillard) then back to ~ 15 deg/min until the start of first crack. Drop back to ~ 4deg min until the desired roast depth reached.

    I reckon it would work well with other Ethiopians and Central Americans.

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    Oh that sounds good… something else for me to try! I just roasted a batch of Indian elephant hills/Ethiopia gambella/Ethiopia yirg(yet to try). This might be my next blend to try after I finish this batch!


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      Day 10 and this has developed into a wonderfully balanced blend with the various flavours in harmony rather than competing. The chocolate is still there - deliciously so.I'll declare this blend a winner!

      As I can't find any evidence of a claim to this blend recipe (no doubt someone else has made it) I'll christen it the Sirocco blend for no other reason than Sirocco was the name of Errol Flynn's yacht.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	e5c5b09cae0c699f374ade755b8add76.jpg Views:	0 Size:	95.0 KB ID:	865075


      • Dimal
        Dimal commented
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        Sirocco Blend does it for me Steve...

      • Barry O'Speedwagon
        Barry O'Speedwagon commented
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        Quite apt. According to the Australian Crawl song, Errol: 'To fish and hunt, he'd take a punt, the New Guinea Highlands'

      • amberale
        amberale commented
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        Off the album....Sirocco.