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  • santa elena costa rica SHB

    I roasted this one 5 days ago in a popper well into rolling second crack... It really stands up well to plenty of that. the surface of the bean is now eveer so slightly oily and a rich dark brown- full city like. I made some notes after 2 days and again today and as a SO it seemed a little flat. Now that could be because I know nothing about this sort of thing- or it might have been my roasting was not appropriate for this one. I gave it a score of 62 according to the downloaded cupping form from roast magazine~ dont ask me where I got it- search for it on the site and youll find it. :P
    So here goes
    aroma- 6 and cedary
    flavour-5 and smoky cinnamon undergirded by some mellow carbony flavours ... today there was a distinct peanut taste.
    Acidity-5 nothing to speak of, mild I suppose ( now that could be that I roasted a bit too far for cupping a S.O)
    body -3 thin, not much creme, flatish to look at.
    Aftertaste and finish- 4 Quite astringent and cloying
    I took off a point for my general assessment then added 40 as the chart says
    62 all up.
    what have others felt about it?

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    Re: santa elena costa rica SHB

    Andrew had a very tiny amount roasted up; not enough to dial in properly. Couldnt tell much about it, but it was clearly very clean ... will definitely do some more on this one. Might be better off roasting this one so that no oil is showing at five days.


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      Re: santa elena costa rica SHB

      I found this one a little on the lighter side, i roasted it to around Full city...fairly subtle flavour, and I must say it is quite nice as a long black.

      I would like to try blending it with some of the Guatemalan Blue to see if it would lengthen the flavour.



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        Re: santa elena costa rica SHB

        Just blogged about this one. In brief, I burnt it a bit, so not too much info to be gleaned from it, other than that it is clean, relatively sweet and stands up to milk well at that roast level. I have collected some links to cupping notes about it; something that I will do for each coffee that I blog about. I think that Ill roast some more this week.




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          Re: santa elena costa rica SHB

          Originally posted by luca link=1156116812/0#3 date=1158027580
          Just blogged about this one.  
          My Blog

          What are the chances of that Luca? I started my coffee blog 2 days after yours. I had no choice - my coffee posts were starting to dominate my other blog and needed a home of their own.

          Having seen your blog I wish I had access to the kind of facilities you do over in Melbourne - what a great opportunity to learn!