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  • New Bean I want to try

    I have a Sylvia and Rocky Doser and live in Perth
    Has anyone tried Segafredo Massimo and/or Brew-Ha (from Subiaco) Expresso beans, yet?
    Ive been using Merlo Expresso beans I got when visiting Brisbane, but am about to run out tomorrow
    Looking for something smooth, sweetish and not too bitter
    Thanks, Rob

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    Re: New Bean I want to try

    Whoops.... Spelling error. Should be ESPRESSO


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      Re: New Bean I want to try

      I dont know what Brew-Ha is, but I can tell you with a fair degree of certainty that Segafredo are too stale to be worth bothering with.

      I think that youd do very well to check out Five Senses. Not only will the beans be freshly roasted but, also, they will be roasted and blended to take into account Perths ... umm ... unique water! Whats really interesting about Five Senses is that they offer random experimental blends, telling you the contents and flavour characteristics. Batch Number 004031 sounds like it would be right up your alley. The only problem is that their webpage seems to indicate that this blend is only available in 1kg lots ... which is a problem for you, because most coffees only have a one-week window in which they taste good, after which they start to deteriorate, so its usually not a good idea to buy more than you will use in a week. If youre prepared to go to a little effort, you could call them up and see if you could get 500g OR you could see if you can split a kg with another Perth-based CS. Failing that, their standard blends seem to be available as 250s and 500s.

      You should also be able to buy great beans from Corey Diamond at Epic Espresso in West Perth.

      Beyond that, Im not all that familiar with Perth ... was only there for a few weeks at the beginning of the year when I worked with Corey at Core Espresso!

      Its only a matter of time until someone from your neck of the woods chimes in to comment ...




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        Re: New Bean I want to try

        If you go down in the woods today. . .

        Or at least this neck of the woods you will run into me.

        Luca - Brew-Ha is a tea and coffee joint, not bad, roasts their own (or used to 5 years ago).


        5-Senses is a good call by Luca, and for a couple of years I was doing as he suggested and splitting a bag among a couple of people.

        Epic, the cafe Luca mentioned will be on Outram street West Perth and opens tomorrow - you will be able to buy beans there that will be very good, and more importantly - fresh. Im pretty sure they are using five senses coffee there and you can try an espresso made from the blend to see if it suits your palate.

        Id skip any beans that are imported already roasted.

        There are some excellent local roasters in perth - 5 senses being about the pinnacle but also Fiori Coffee in Leederville have a good espresso blend.

        Keep visiting coffee snobs and well soon have you converted to home roasting your own though!