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How to cup, describe and learning the language?

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  • How to cup, describe and learning the language?

    Ok been a while since one of my odd posts showing the world live via the internet how inept I am at things, so my latest question...
    Ive read eagerly all these fantastic descriptions of coffees but when I come to describe something Ive made all I kinda know is yep thats good, yep got a choccy kinda taste, yep still taste it 3 hours later(shouldve spat that one out)
    Aftertastes, tones, buttery, spicey, al this new language I dont know how to speak, I know that if its sour I can align that with sour like a lemon but whats a good training on how to taste coffee so as to be able to speak it without sounding like a yuppie without a clue..
    I already have the "without a clue" thing down pat....
    Any thoughts or directions?
    Im also hoping there are other newbies like me that are too afraid to ask this question, but as one who isnt embarrassed to ask ANY question( ask me on pm what I did at sexpo years ago that my friends were too afraid to ask)
    Hoping that this will help me and others in there pursuit of happiness..

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    Re: How to cup, describe and learning the language

    Heres a link to a basic cupping form Sullo.... you could add some extra descriptives to fill this out a bit more if you wanted. There are a few guides around the Net like this one from the Coffee research Organisation or this one from CoffeeGeek. All of em are not bad for what they are but the best idea would be to attend a Coffee Cupping Course like a few of our members have done with one or two of our sponsors.

    Hope this is enough to get you started mate ,



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      Re: How to cup, describe and learning the language

      exactly what i was hoping for thanks Mal