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    Finally got around to trying this, interested as a home roaster to see where I'm at.
    3 days post roast and it definitely needs time to age. Lots of woody / grassy notes that I associate with lighter roasts early on. Looks light to my eyes as well, I had to up my dose by 3g compared to my home roast.
    Not much crema, best as straight double espresso, same amount in piccolo was so so and flat white in 160ml cup was lost. I will give it another 5days and revisit.
    20g in double basket, 26sec extraction, around 50ml, brew temp ranges 91 - 93 degrees as measured over many hours of testing / recording to get the best out of my gaggia.

    I have a 50/50 pre blend Colombian supremo / Indonesian Wahana estate at day 4, roasted just prior to second crack in coretto and it is drinking brilliantly as a piccolo and flat white, punchy, juicy and aromatic. The benefits of home roasting I guess, making it how you like from the get go.

    I can see the future potential for the WOW as a straight espresso and maybe a piccolo. I can already tell that as straight espresso the WOW will be much more delicate and balanced that anything i have roasted my self at this stage. Hopefully it picks up in this next week. I will also give it a go in the Aeropress and cold brew.


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      WOW what a difference a few days can make.

      It really is best as a straight espresso, although i tightened up my grind / pour slightly so its probably more ristretto now.
      A delicate upfront floral acidity, quickly followed by a vanilla caramel milk chocolatey sweetness that lasts well into the finish. It reminds of my mums milk chocolate caramel slice. I like it as a Piccolo , 45ml from 19g in 110ml cup, anymore milk than that and it really seems a waste..

      Its very delicate and well balanced and i can see how much craft has gone into such a creation. I suspect this delicate balanced nature is why i find it very lack lustre in larger milk drinks, even my non snob family found it too mild in milk after being used to more aggressive flavours from my home roasts.

      So yes definitely lives up to " Espresso " wow.


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        Espresso wow

        Hello I couldn't find anywhere else to post this so I am hoping I am in the right place

        I just wanted to say that I ordered my first roasted beans from you guys last week which were roasted on Wednesday. By Sunday my patience had run out and I have got stuck into your espresso wow.

        I normally buy my beans elsewhere which I normally find very reliable but the last lot, each one was very disappointing. I went looking around and found you guys had a shop so thought I would give you a go.

        I just want to say that you really blew me away, I am really enjoying my coffee and I love the crema! I thought I had already found good coffee but I was very wrong and its getting even better each day.

        Thank you!


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          That awesome to hear Sherrie.
          Fresh coffee can be an amazing journey and I can see that we have opened your eyes a little to what is possible at home.

          Enjoy the journey!


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            Hello, I am here again today as I am about to place another order

            Once I have some spare cash for a roaster I want to learn to roast my own so I always have it fresh, and your coffee will be my benchmark to aim for, its so lovely


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              Espresso WOW blend

              Just received my first order and I’m impressed with this roast, really enjoying it

              I’ve noticed this roast blonds very quickly though, just wanted to get your thoughts on this shot? It seems to start off good but then speeds up dramatically?
              Apart from that, it taste rather good to me. Although i am still learning my palate and what to look for.

              18g in, 39g out, 25sec.
              Brew temp PID is set to 97c, which results in around 95c at the group head.

              Video link here of the shot:

              Any feedback appreciated