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  • Ugandan Mt Elgon AA

    ...recieved a kilo of Ugandan Mt Elgon AA in the post today and quickly roasted up 333gr. I followed Mals advice from an earlier post and slowed em right down between 1st C & 2nd C. I pulled right at the start of 2nd C (212c/18min 20sec). They look lovely...dont know if Ill be able to wait much longer than 48 hours to cup them up.
    In the meantime- Ill post a shot of the finished product and post some details of roast temps etc. I would appreciate any feedback from those more experienced than I (ther should be many of you!)...

    Roast time/temp: 2min- 76c, 4-107, 6/123, 8/151, 9/163, 10/178, 11/191, 12/200, 13/195, 14/197, 15/208, 16/211, 17/207, 18/211.
    1st C = 12min/200c, 2nd C = 18.2min/212c

    Please ensure that attached images are sized to a max of 640x480 pixels as this reduces the amount of scrolling required in most browsers....


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    Re: Ugandan Mt Elgon AA

    Nice looking roast there cb,

    Im sure you will love the unbelievable complexity in the cup that this bean offers.... a really stand-out bean in my opinion 8-). Happy brewing ,



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      Re: Ugandan Mt Elgon AA

      Thanks Mal- Im salivating in anticipation as we speak! 45 hours 15 mins to go...!


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        Re: Ugandan Mt Elgon AA- in the cup!

        ...its about 72hrs post roast. I was really looking forward to this one, cleaned the the grinder diligently pre grind and all!...and it didnt let me down.

        AROMA; during grind were pungent and breath-taking- on the "warm" side- rich honey, hazelnut, milk-chocolate etc but there was also a strong asian spice note and a hint of stone fruity sweetness.

        CUP; I think this one is a little too complex for my under-developed pallette, but Ill have a go! The honey, hazelnut & chocolate spoken of above came through, but the overwhelming spice didnt. There was stonefruit towards the finish and definate winey overtones. There was alot more in there that I just couldnt quite pin down... The mouth feel was silky smooth and the body was medium to light.

        ESPRESSO; Im more confident in this arena. It was sublime. My first taste was met with a groan of delight! The warm notes (honey/nut/milk choc) were right there and quickly followed by stone fruit and dried fruit flavours. I then noticed the silk of its mouth feel and an agreeable, but med to light body. As the cup cooled incredible berry fruit flavours developed (and complimented the warm flavours beautifully) and a winey overtone was evident.

        This bean is a BEAUTY!...

        It cut through milk well also- the choc was really evident, and the spice was enhanced.

        Im off for (fingers crossed) a "god shot" now!


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          Re: Ugandan Mt Elgon AA

          Great cupping description of this bean cb,

          I hope you keep good records of your roasts since it sounds like youve come close to nailing this one. I have trouble describing all the nuances of this bean too mate, it is just so complex. About the closest I can get to describing it has been to compare it to a kind of fruit salad with chocolate and pinot noir added into the finish. A beautiful bean 8-).

          Anyway, glad the roast turned out so well and that you enjoy the Ugandan wonder bean.....

          Cheers mate ,


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            Re: Ugandan Mt Elgon AA

            Cheers & thanks for the encouragement Mal. It was my 1st "cupping review" post so I was a bit nervous. Glad to hear it was appreciated.
            Cheers, Anthony


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              Re: Ugandan Mt Elgon AA

              Excellent notes, thanks. Your description I think creates a clear impression
              of its characteristics. In fact, as I havent been to my small Elgon stash
              for a while, Ill return soon.