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Yemen Bani Ismail bonuses (a.k.a. foreign objects)

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  • Yemen Bani Ismail bonuses (a.k.a. foreign objects)

    Having heard how prone this bean is to coming with bonus assorted rocks and so on, I thought there may be some interest in sharing the treasures weve found in our roasts.

    I did my first 250g roast today - ugly little bean it is, size all over the place so was a bit of a challenge to roast evenly but it came out quite well and smells very promising. Sorted carefully through it expecting to find Uluru but found nothing, poured into a bowl and still nothing, then took a scoop to dump into the brand new Super Jolly and, whaaaa! Two healthy little rocks grinning up at me!

    What did you find?

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    Re: Yemen Bani Ismail bonuses

    I roasted up the last of my Xmas Yemen recently and thought I had found all of the foreign objects, but Rocky started making some horrible grating sounds and sure enough a couple of the little suckers had snuck through!!!


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      Re: Yemen Bani Ismail bonuses (a.k.a. foreign obje

      Yep, only done one batch still (500gm). 2 fairly large stones and one littly.

      Just finished them and no more surprises. Beautiful full bodied chocolaty brew with no lumps .

      Will do another batch today (after Ive mowed the lawn :-/) and see how I go. (Go from grass flying everywhere to dust and chaff everywhere - better take a Telfast .)


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        Re: Yemen Bani Ismail bonuses (a.k.a. foreign obje

        All mine were way smaller Greg.
        Those are HUGE!


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          Re: Yemen Bani Ismail bonuses (a.k.a. foreign obje

          I went through the remainder of my green beans at TGs suggestion, after doing my first roast in which I found 3 stones.
          Ended up with 22 more of varying sizes and hope Ive got them all.
          Checked them all with a magnifying glass, in case I was mistaken, but they are all definitely stones.
          Im checking each dose now before I grind, too!