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  • Birroa Coffee (Sunshine Coast)

    For those that dont know the Sunshine Coast in SE Qld has a host of coffee growers, the coffee grown here covers a wide range of quality too. I think the biggest let down with some of the local coffee is that the growers are good at growing it, but could be better roasters.

    For the last 2 years Ive been working with a local macadamia farmer who started growing and processing his own coffee beans. He grows the K7 variety along with a handful of Bourbons. At the moment the production is fairly low, but he has just aquired enough land to set this up commercially.

    Today i tasted the best batch yet, roasted short of 2nd crack it has a real leathery texture with a light citrus blossom acidity. The body is amazing for a K7, so full it reminds me of a mellow monsooned malabar and the acidity is so clean. Lets hope next year he has a better production as more trees mature.

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    Re: Birroa Coffee (Sunshine Coast)

    Jason, my quick take on things ...

    Like Nth NSW coffee growers over the past decade (predominantly macadamia nut crop producers in their past life), there seemed a recognition of absent quality Oz beans being produced (in the cup anyway), so NSW DPI stepped in & over much research developed an area-specific/climatically conducive cultivar to be bred - the K7.

    Farmers have an unfortunate tendency to encapsulate a new fad crop if their current crop is stagnant in the market-place, without doing requisite research to ascertain whether their new passion has:

    (i) an initial market; &
    (ii) whether consumer demand exists for the product in the end.

    Thats why DPIs in each state employ Market Extension Officers to work with growers to help develop & hone their ideas.

    Farmers are masters of their crop - not market demand.

    I reckon thats where SE Qld producers are at the moment - a decade prior to reaping the fruits of labour.

    The best, certainly & without a doubt, coming out of Nth NSW are MTE crops. Others Ive tried (both their roast & bought green that Ive then roasted myself) have been extremely ordinary.

    Theres enough threads on this forum to indicate why MTE stand out as a premium Oz grown bean - combo of passion, science, & understanding the particular K7 cultivar for their particular climatic/volcanic soil conditions (& of course their innovative processing methodologies employed).

    I wish the grower youre working with all the best - I dont know where he is, but there are those same volcanic rich soil elements (Beerwah near the Glasshouse Mtns eg) that offer the same basis to grow great beans on the Sunshine Coast (with the same artful science MTE employs I reckon ).

    And then of course, as you rightfully mentioned Jason ... a switched on roaster is required to explore the bean at its roasted best .



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      Re: Birroa Coffee (Sunshine Coast)

      Spot on Tony, this grower has been a part of upper level developement with farmers and the DPI for 20 years. Hence the drool worthy BMW he delivers his greens to me in. He has semi retired, at 45, and this is a bit of a hobby as his macadamia farm was sold recently. He is just starting but the results are surprisingly good so far. Hence where I come in, he is taking my feedback from a roasting/barista point of view to the drawing board and developing from there. At most I think he will concentrate on a retail market.
      Anyway, I have a kilo going into the grinder today which will last at best until Saturday if anyone wants a try.


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        Re: Birroa Coffee (Sunshine Coast)

        Sounds both interesting & exciting Jason ... best of luck with the collaboration.