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Ethiopian Gambella Sundried

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  • Ethiopian Gambella Sundried

    Hi all,

    I thought Id get in early to encourage comment on this bean.

    Our roast went like this:
    - "Damn, this is the ugliest bean Ive ever seen."
    - Slow to FC @ 13:50 (a hard bean, no?)
    - FC was very extended, lasting 3-4 mins (we thought we had an unwelcome SC starting at about 18min, but it must have been the end of FC!)
    - As a result of the above, we probably dropped the heat a little too much...
    - ...and got SC around 22:10 (still easily within an acceptable timeframe IMO)
    - Pulled 3 minutes later (!), but before RSC (!!) - second crack, like first, went on forever!
    - Final result was much less ugly than we expected - and came it at CS10.

    Over all Im reasonably happy with the roast - Id read that Yemeni coffees are best roasted slow to FC and well into SC, and that Gambella was very similar to Yemen in a lot of ways (ie. slow = good). Hopefully it wasnt too slow. But then, we have 5 kilos to play with!

    Havent tasted it yet! Will update during the week with cupping notes.


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    Re: Ethiopian Gambella Sundried

    hi all ,
    my roast went like yours it seems , a unstoppable machine gun !.... i stopped it in the middle of the 1st c ( or maybe the begining ) thinking something was wrong .. result the roast is under roasted and very uneven .


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      Re: Ethiopian Gambella Sundried

      Thanks for the info Stuart
      I have yet to roast this from the bean bay but looking forward to it.
      I did 1 roast of the Peru Grace villa estate and wow what a coffee, similar to what you have described with loud and extended FC, I roasted 30sec into SC and such a nice coffee for both espresso or milk based.



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        Re: Ethiopian Gambella Sundried

        Was really looking forward to trying this bean but after wasting 500g   I passed them on to another CSer to roast in his popper (or commercial roaster  )

        For some reason these beans will not roast using my I-Roast 2 - the beans do not rotate around in the hot air, they pretty much sit still and the beans on the bottom burn whilst the beans on top stay green/yellow.  I have tried roasting less to see if that fixes the problem but nothing seemed to work.

        Has anyone else been able to roast these using an I-Roast 2?

        Sounds to me like a good strong argument to upgrade!  :P I have my eye on a new Hot Top.


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          Re: Ethiopian Gambella Sundried

          They roasted fine in my Gene Cafe, although I backed off the temp setting to 220 between first and second crack as they were darkening fast.
          At 5 days post-roast they are lovely, and are destined to be one of my favourites.



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            Re: Ethiopian Gambella Sundried

            I roasted some of these and had also had an extended FC (starting at 14:30) which seemed to merge into SC.

            It was hard (for me, anyway) to tell if FC was just lingering and revving up, or SC had started. The amount of smoke and the temp made me think that at least some beans may have started SC, so I ended the roast at 18:00 as the colour looked good - mostly CS8-9 - and I dont mind a lighter roast. It was more uneven than I expected. Stirring frantically with a wooden spoon may be laborious but it does allow for thorough mixing and usually a more even roast than I got with these Gambellas!

            After only 3 days it tastes delightfully fragrant and interesting (sorry thats as far as my tasting vocab goes), and has potential to be a favourite. This is a bean I look forward to experimenting with.


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              Re: Ethiopian Gambella Sundried

              A friend and I had a great time cupping this bean yesterday. Yum, is the first thing Id like to say.

              Firstly, we roasted our second batch (500g), and decided to get rid of the quakers (ie. those beans that never get past orange and are supposed to taste funny). We eventually pulled out about 10g of them (~2-3%) and then thought "hey, why dont we cup these quakers to see what they taste like?!". So we did. We cupped it (immediately after roasting and cooling) beside the normal beans. Very interesting! The quakers actually had a lot of complexity and some flavours (including a very Harrar-esque blueberry note) that were unique. The normal beans actually tasted quite plain next to the cup of quakers - amazingly good, but not as complex... We decided that well leave the quakers in from now on.

              After that, we decided to cup our first batch of Gambella alongside some Sulawesi Rante Kapua (both from August BeanBay). Here are my cupping notes for the Gambella Sundried:
              Aroma: delicate spice, wood, caramel, gentle acidity, rounded palate, subtle berry fruit (cf. Harrar) with a hint of peach (cf. Yirg). Very "full" and "rounded" palate.
              Breaking the crust: super sweet, woody, spicy, vanilla/caramel, a "complete" palate.
              Flavour: sweet, vanilla/wood (oak?), deep, leathery/smokey, wooden flavour, very rounded.
              Acidity: no real acidity, though it was a clean palate (not cloying).
              Body/Mouthfeel: medium bodied, but quite full/rounded, smooth but slightly thin mouthfeel (clean finish).
              Aftertaste: smokey leather, very sweet, chocolate.

              All I can add to that is a better explanation of what I meant by "rounded" etc... I guess the flavour profile had no gaps in it; that is, the individual flavours held together really nicely. The best counter-example of this roundedness I can think of is Harrar, where the berry/blueberry note is just so dominant (and tasty!) that its hard to taste past it. Hope that makes sense!



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                Re: Ethiopian Gambella Sundried

                Reviving an oldish thread here but I might have finally nailed this roast for my palate. Ive been pulling amazing shots (dare I say god shots  :P) with this bean yesterday and today. Simply magic shots, where the flavour that develops is so surprising you wondered what you did to deserve this. Flavor profile is bitter sweet chocolate with spice and a touch of blueberries. Its an awesome bean/roast, this is right up there with the Yemen Ismaili for sure.

                The shot was literally doing a battle on my tongue between bitterness and treacle like sweetness then the choc came through followed by the spice leaving hints of blueberry. Body is thick and big, like syrup. Aroma off the grinder has hints of leather and woodspice. The spent puck leaves choc spice aromas through the house.

                Its excellent as an espresso and wonderful in a double shot latte, really cuts through milk.

                Anyway I could talk for hours about this bean roast and the shots Ive been having, just glad I found the roast that works for me in my first 2.5 kg as I still have another 2.5kg to go.

                Ive attached the roast profile in an excel spreadsheet to share with fellow CS home roasters.

                Note: I always preheat my Corretto "bean pan" to 200 C before dumping the beans in to roast. I set my HG (Bosch digital temp control) to 450 C fan speed 2 to preheat the pan and get to FC. I dropped the temp to 270 C at 10min57sec / 207 C bean temp.
                FC: 9:39 / 197 C
                RFC: 10:30 / 205 C
                SC: 17:00 213 C
                Pulled: 17:35 / 213 C

                I always new this was a magic bean and I only wish other CSers were nearby to share some shots as words dont do the taste justice.


                Edit, this was roasted Saturday 14/2/09 so 7/8 days old which is about how long I like to leave my beans rest,


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                  Re: Ethiopian Gambella Sundried

                  Hi Javabeen, your roast was longer than the one Ive tried with the Ethiopian Gambella Sundried. It was an OK bean as a result at CS10, and one Im very happy to have in my stash and blend with, but not one I rave about at the shorter roast - probably by a couple of minutes by my reliable memory. Your post has inspired me to give a longer roast a go.

                  It does cut through milk. I noted it was an uneven roast, probably due to what stuartgrant refers to as quakers and I remember the "rolling first/when on earth did second crack start?" phenomenon too.

                  Its interesting that the Ethiopian Gambella Naturals exhibited similar characteristics as far as the roasting process was concerned.


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                    Re: Ethiopian Gambella Sundried

                    Just tried this one for the first time. Did a long roast, and the result was a very nice coffee indeed - definitely a sweetness to it.


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                      Re: Ethiopian Gambella Sundried

                      Very difficult bean to Roast indeed. SC went on for about 3min without it ever going into a Rolling SC... Hard to know when to stop the roast :-/ But then again, experimentation is always good. Just hoping the cup will turn out to be as good as everyone describes here.


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                        Re: Ethiopian Gambella Sundried

                        Originally posted by 7C7F7D7170737B776D6A7B6C1E0 link=1220150853/10#10 date=1239026576
                        Very difficult bean to Roast indeed. SC went on for about 3min without it ever going into a Rolling SC... Hard to know when to stop the roast  :-/ But then again, experimentation is always good. Just hoping the cup will turn out to be as good as everyone describes here.  
                        Maybe you just needed to add a little more heat at the onset of SC "BM"? Do you use a thermologger combined with Andys CS Roast Monitoring Software?

                        Mind you, I never take these beans into RSC anyway... Once SC snaps are becoming regular, heat is removed and I just allow the roast to coast along a little longer without heat applied for about 20-30 seconds and then dump and immediately cool. Leave em to rest and develop for 5-7 days (minimum) in a 1-Way Valve bag. Once the bag is opened, it takes another 1-2 days for the flavours to fully develop but boy, once they do, its really hard to stop guzzling down this great coffee.... 8-)



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                          Re: Ethiopian Gambella Sundried

                          Its my first batch, so basically just for my roast chart, like time of FC, SC and Rolling SC. Then the 2nd batch Ill play around with different heat and timing to see what difference it makes. But Ill take your advice and add more heat after FC Mal.

                          By the way I use a Gene Roaster so I cannot tell the actual Bean temperature but normally I set it to 230-235 when FC starts.

                          I roasted another batch of Sidamo Koratie which is smelling really like the Yemen. A sweet Fermenty aroma.


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                            Re: Ethiopian Gambella Sundried

                            No worries mate.... Youll have to let us know how it works out 8-)



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                              Re: Ethiopian Gambella Sundried

                              That roast of yours Stuart Is very similar to my roast but mine was done in a Gene Cafe
                              160oC  5min
                              then 240oC  FC  14 min  - droped temp   in variables of 2 oC  over next 3-4mins   to 230oC
                              SC around 22min stoped at 24.5
                              Have done a few shorter roasts at night inside with not the best light
                              and stoped roast shortly after start SC started   About 2mins when I started seeing  a bit of oily residue on a few but because the diffrence in bean size and slightly uneven roast I stoped Short
                              Could probably let roast even more maybe CS11 but more temp between FC - SC but bring the overall roasting time back to about the 23min mark
                              Love this bean so far . after 2kg of roasting .lucky I got 5kg
                              the longer roasts after SC are much beter
                              How far I Can let the roast go is yet to be seen.
                              But the results after leting them sit for 4days or so has left me very excited.
                              Mick :