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    Well 500 gms of roasted Gold made its way across the ditch in great shape.
    The aroma off the beans was more intense (in a good way) than anything I have put together, no surprise there and of course out of the grinder intense plus.

    We got through the 500gms over the weekend starting at 10 days post roast. The espressos were so smooth from the very first sip, usually we find the palate takes a couple of sips to enjoy the flavour but this one tasted full from the first sip. The grinder seemed faultless and we didnt get any shots too slow or too fast.
    Mega body with an amazing eveness in flavours with no single flavour dominating.

    Our espresso were all 21 gms and pulled early 45ml max. Same prescription for flat whites but maybe slightly longer pour. We used both 190ml flat white cups and a 300ml coffee mug and found with a full 60ml shot in the mug this blend held its own. The pick of course was the espresso. Sweet and tasty.
    I did several pour over methods and did not get as excited , but then I am used to SOs in this method.

    Bottom line, yes I would love some more in the next green bean shipment to cross the ditch .

    Thanks Paula and Andy I know its a hassle.