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  • Talk Coffee - Rwandan Gisenyi Fairtrade

    Well, we finally said goodbye to the last of Talk Coffees fantastic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Special Prep. What a great coffee.... 8-)

    But, we now have a new bag of a coffee to try - The "Rwandan Gisenyi Fairtrade" from Talk Coffees select list of Single Origin roasts.

    Given that we had the Diadema DB setup for extracting the best from the Yirgacheffe mentioned above at a Brew Water delivery temperature of 94deg.C, thats where we started with the Gisenyi.

    Sampled first as a Long Black, then as espresso, the overall sense was of a coffee that provided good body, a clean but slightly muted coffee flavour across the palate and a noticeable bitter quality to the finish which, though extended, was not altogether pleasant. Given that Chris really loves this coffee, it was time to experiment... [smiley=evil.gif]

    Rightio, now to play with the brew water temperature. My impression from the above tasting, was that the temperature was a little high for this bean. So reduced the Temp. by one degree to 93deg.C and allowed the system to stabilise at this level for around 10 minutes.
    Prepared another Long Black and this time around - WOW! What a change in the cup for a simple one degree cooler, brew temperature.

    This time, my palate literally exploded with sweet raisiny flavours that persisted for a long, long time. This was reinforced with a clean, citrusy acidity and a luscious, creamy body that served to carry these wonderful flavours all over the palate. Finish was not as extended as before with the higher brew Temp. but boy, is it nice; kind of like the Rum & Raisin chocolate you can buy but without the Rum... 8-)

    So, time to try another brew at one degree cooler again, at 92deg.C.....
    This time, as a Long Black, the fruity raisiny umbrella was slightly less noteworthy than at the higher Brew Temp. The sweetness is still there in droves though as is the creamy mouthfeel but the acidity is also slightly less than before but still enough to be noticed. The finish this time, is a little less extended than before and more of a milk chocolatey character and less of the raisiny, fruitiness too but it is still there.

    As a Latte, the brew at 93deg.C cut through better with more of the observed characters still evident. At 92deg.C it still made a most enjoyable Latte but had less of the distinguishing characters and could be better described as a great quaffing coffee that you could drink all day long. For my money though, I prefer the brew at 93deg.C; it just ticks all the boxes... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    Whod a thought that one degree could make such a difference? Another great coffee Chris, done to a tee.... 8-) 8-)


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    Re: Talk Coffee - Rwandan Gisenyi Fairtrade

    Hi Mal and thanks once again for your feedback!

    Its a great bean and all I hoped to do was respect it. I am more than satisfied with the result. I loved it in the Aeropress through the 0.8 Coava disk.

    Sadly, it is all gone.

    These small special lots which I get to play with are thanks in a big way to Andy. I reckon we have access to some of the very best through CoffeeSnobs and Andys beans never disappoint when it comes to quality. Sorta makes the biggies look pretty boring on average.



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      Re: Talk Coffee - Rwandan Gisenyi Fairtrade

      Originally posted by 093C3136021E323B3B38385D0 link=1307431949/1#1 date=1307435563
      Sadly, it is all gone.
      Ah bugger, thats a shame mate .... This IS beautiful coffee though 8-)

      Never mind, I still have about three-quarters of a bag left that should see me out for the rest of the week but if any more should come along, Ill have to try and grab some too....

      Mmmm, beautiful coffee - I think I might have said that already.... ;D