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Nicaragua La Gloria Las Brisas

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  • Nicaragua La Gloria Las Brisas

    just tasted this 2 days post roast after having the Tarrazu.
    First impresions are impressive for such an early roast.
    I used it in a latte and could taste the apple and I thought it had a good body with memories revived of the nicaraguan COE.
    Highly recommended.

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    Re: Nicaragua La Gloria Las Brisas

    I agree this is nice even as an espresso. It produced a lot of oils after the roast for me so the grinding was quite different but all in all very good.


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      Re: Nicaragua La Gloria Las Brisas

      Roasting tonight, will be back next week with results.


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        Re: Nicaragua La Gloria Las Brisas

        How did you go about roasting it?

        I did a batch the other night and pressed the cool button as soon as it got to 2nd crack (on the behmor). Ive never taken a bean to 2nd crack before so itll be interesting to see what the results are like.


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          Re: Nicaragua La Gloria Las Brisas

          I decided to do some Las Brisas tonight as well.

          Ill let you all know what I think next week after 5 days resting.

          special pants this is how I did mine.  I know Mal in the wrong place but he did ask  :-*

          23.2 degrees start in popper
          0-8 minutes got up to 181
          8-10 minutes up to 193 with 1C happening at 9:30 minutes 191 degrees
          10-13 minutes still climbing to 196
          13-15 minutes finished at 207.5 degrees
          15-16 minutes down to 62
          16-17 minutes down to 39 and pulled

          got a very slight sweet smell (I dont get much smell at all from my roasts normally)

          photo is with flash


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            Re: Nicaragua La Gloria Las Brisas

            Cheers Shapeshifter.

            Here are my thoughts on the beans – my beans reached 2nd crack during the behmor’s cooling phase:

            Roasted beans had a pleasant scent to it. I didn’t have to change my grind settings from my last batch of beans (which was the Santo Domingo beans). Nothing different about the extraction and crema – both were good.

            I made myself a latte using a restretto pulled from a double basket. I thought it was quite wholesome and roasty. There was a hint of sweetness to it.

            I don’t have the words to describe the taste, but here are some comparisons. Smoothness was similar to the Peru & PNG beans that was offered on the site a couple of months ago. It wasn’t punchy as the Domingo beans. There was none of the lemon taste that I got from the Ethiopian Yirg Special Prep. It didn’t taste ‘ashy’ which was something I was scared of (first time I’ve had a bean that reached 2nd crack). All the things I’ve mentioned so far are good things.

            I love beans that have chocolate notes to it… I couldn’t really pick up any with the Nicaragua. The chocolate notes was a stand out in both the Ethiopian Gambella and Ghimbi beans


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              Re: Nicaragua La Gloria Las Brisas

              My OHs comments on this bean is that "its just coffee" ;D

              He likes his chocolate/cocoa flavours and doesnt like anything fruity or sweet. There was nothing that stood out in the flavour and that it was a smooth coffee.

              I felt pretty much the same, its definitely smooth but nowhere near as smooth as a Tanzania bean.

              Oh this was with milk.

              I tried it as an espresso and there was nothing fancy about it.

              I feel that it might be better blended with one of the stronger beans to balance it out.


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                Re: Nicaragua La Gloria Las Brisas

                Originally posted by 445F564752445F5E51435245370 link=1307861155/6#6 date=1311991359
                My OHs comments on this bean is that "its just coffee" 
                Thats exactly how I feel about this one. I use it as a base bean when blending. Theres nothing wrong with it...but nothing special either. For my mouth, its TOO well rounded - but I dont like "smooth" blends either.