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    Roasted some of the latest Yirgacheff Special Prep natural for filter a few days ago, did a Clever Dripper brew with my lunch today. The aroma coming off the grinder was so inviting--aromatic berry and fruit notes.
    The brew was smooth and clean with berry and stonefruit tantalising the taste buds, a most enjoyable brew.


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      Accidentally roasted an incredible batch of these in the my sifter roaster. Have not been able to replicate but will continue to try! I was blown away by the aroma immediately post grind (at +5 days). FC @ 9mins (205C), pulled at 11mins (212C), so a quick roast.


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        Roasted a batch of this about a week ago and finally really started drinking a day or so now. Best thing is when I crack open the bag, I am greeted by this nice, blueberry flavour... A joy in the morning.


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          I grabbed one of the last bags from Beanbay a couple of weeks ago with the intention of using it on the V60.

          Roasted it lighter than what I have done to other coffees.

          Wow! Notes of (unspecifiable) flora and cocoa, hint of lemon (lemongrass?) and ginger, maybe cinnamon. Definitely a winner.

          I am now tempted to roast a little lighter to accentuate the flora flavours.