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Espresso Wow Troubleshooting

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  • Espresso Wow Troubleshooting

    I recently got my first 500g of Espresso Wow to play around with and ive been having some trouble pulling the godlike shots i expected. I think this is almost certainly because of my technique, so i thought id throw it out to the wizards of coffeesnobs and see what came back.

    Firstly the machine i used was a commercial BFC Lira 2 group with a PID. I pulled at a range of temperatures from 91 to 94 and noticed no substantial differences, but id be interested to know what temperature Wow is best at.

    I dosed generally between 18-20 g in a double basket and set the grind to pull pretty tight shots. If get a chance ill try and weigh my shots tomorrow, but i generally stopped at the point of blonding.

    The Wow i was using was roasted a little less than two weeks ago, and had sat in the hopper overnight.

    The shots i pulled looked nice enough, but the taste was overwhelmingly sour with none of the chocolate, caramel or spiciness ive read in other peoples descriptions. The mouthfeel was excellent, and some of the less acidic shots i pulled worked well in milk, but id really like to be drinking Andys favourite blend as Andys favourite doppio.


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    Re: Espresso Wow Troubleshooting

    I havent had it for a while, but I remember it actually peaks at just after 2 weeks, so maybe your bag is still a bit young, although it should be ok from day 10 onwards. Sorry not sure I can help.


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      Re: Espresso Wow Troubleshooting

      Welcome Gabriel.... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

      What volumes are you pouring in what sort of time? A little bit more detailed info would help out a lot.... 8-)

      Not being familiar with the Lira, Im not aware of how the Brew Water temperature is derived. Do you know for a fact that the indicated temperature is what is being delivered to the top of the coffee in the Group Handle? It may need calibrating... :-?

      Notwithstanding the above, I would leave the Brew Temp. set on 92-93deg C and just make sure everything else is right. Wow is not a difficult blend to achieve great shots of espresso.... In fact, its the exact opposite



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        Re: Espresso Wow Troubleshooting

        Hi Gabriel,
        Im not using a commercial machine so not sure whether my comments will be of help. I use WOW every other lot of beans and get consistently excellent pours from my basic machine. I have no way to measure the temp of the shots and suspect my machine has always had a fair bit of temperature fluctuation for which you learn to compensate . On the rare occasion that I get a sour shot I am fairly confident to blame the temp. If I had one wish for my machine, it would be to be able to monitor & control the temp. I would say that WOW is not a finicky bean to use.