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Burundi Kayanza Kinyovu Lot 1

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  • Burundi Kayanza Kinyovu Lot 1

    Cracking bean!! I roasted some of this to the first snaps of 2C to about CS9 on a Behmor and have enjoyed it (ie, finished it) at 5-7 days post-roast.

    Probably a bit early to drink but I found this bean really enjoyable as both an espresso and milk based drink. Id previously roasted some on the popper and found it to be nice, but this time it was so much better (and others also thought it was delicious).

    Reminded me a bit of a Yirgacheffe in terms of the aroma, especially through the grinder. Im not good at describing but my particular roast of it had nice acidity with what I thought were some floral like characteristics. Had what I consider medium body (compared to something like a Ghimbi) but it still had a good mouthfeel and smooth aftertaste.

    Anyone else roasted any of this?

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    Re: Burundi Kayanza Kinyovu Lot 1

    Picture of the roast - they look lighter than what they were.


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      Re: Burundi Kayanza Kinyovu Lot 1

      Nice looking roast.

      I roasted some a couple of weeks back and used it in a blend.
      It worked beautifully in the blend so i look forward to trying it as a SO.


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        Re: Burundi Kayanza Kinyovu Lot 1

        I can only agree with the previous comments, this is a fantstic bean. I finaly got around to roasting it last week end, details below, great as esspreso, great as filtered great in french press lets face it this is a great SO bean.
        • GeneCafe Roster
        • 300 grams (I did 3 lots)
        • set to 235C
        • Dumped to tray as soon as 2nd crack comenced