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Honduras Montana de Comayagua - Photos!

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  • Honduras Montana de Comayagua - Photos!

    Just roasted 500g in the coretto. Thought Id post the profile and pictures.

    First crack at ~14:00 and 211 deg.
    VERY first snaps of 2C at 17:20 214 deg.
    Stopped the roast at 18:20, just after 2C got really into it.

    First, I loved the difference in colour between the monsoon malabar gold and the honduras.

    Second photo, 12 minutes into the roast.

    Third photo, during/just after 1C.

    Fourth photo, final roast.

    Fifth photo, roast profile. Black line is what I aim for (thanks to a fellow roaster), green line is what I recorded.

    Will let you know what I think in a few days time.

    Actually, thats a lie. I ran out of beans today. So Ill be cracking it open tomorrow. 18 hours is enough resting time right?? :P

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    Re: Honduras Montana de Comayagua - Photos!

    Hi David8,

    Nice looking roast. Do you think you can send me the roast profile? Thanks.


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      Re: Honduras Montana de Comayagua - Photos!

      So its day two of the Honduras. Really enjoying this coffee. I got the opinion that people either loved or hated central american coffees. So I was a little apprehensive about it. Two things - I take my coffee as a latte, almost exclusively, sometimes a piccolo... And Im not the best with describing what Im tasting. As I said, I am really enjoying it, it really stands up with milk. Lovely rich crema, and full body taste that lingers for a long time.

      Im very interested to hear from others who have roasted this one?

      Photo is a double from yesterday, was still perfecting the grind. I think this was a 23/24 second extraction. Not sure of the volume. Tasted great though. Little bit bubbly, maybe it hasnt completely degassed yet? Seems less bubbly today.

      Lovin the adventure!


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        Re: Honduras Montana de Comayagua - Photos!

        Im really enjoying this one. Roasting to 2nd crack on a 1lb P2 C setting on the Behmor. To me its not overly high on the acid and has more of a smooth nearly chocolate or nutty flavour, while still being quite full bodied. I exclusively drink double expresso now, except when Im out and use milk to mask the dissappointment (with the exception of known cafes/coffehouses).


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          Just roasted up a batch of these – slightly odd beans! A little reminiscent of the Cuban IMHO with some peppery/smokey notes, but with waaaaayyyy more basic sweetness than the Escambray as a doppio (which was all pepper and no sweetness!).

          Not sure if I like them just yet - jury's out on that currently. Will see how they age… BTW Any ideas what it is that gives beans from this area this dry, pepperlike taste?
          The learning curve continues!

          Cheers Matt

          BTW roasted to just on 2C, but they were still quite lightly roasted at this stage - wondering if they could do with 30sec-1 min into 2C like some of the other centrals to bring in some cocoa?


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            These are definately beans that like a rest. We're now at around 7-8 days, and I had a great dopp this morning.
            They began early on with a real sweetness as the base with a very pronounced peppery/smokey flavour over the top. As they aged, this moved into a smoother caramel with a hint of spice/chilli. This morning it was much more 'blended' in flavour, moving into some cocoa with only a hint of warmth. Still a slightly dry mouthfeel, but very respectable as espresso. And through a FW, a little remeniscient of an Indo, with a slightly earthy flavour.
            This might be the kick required to get me roasting the Cuban again and letting it age for a while!


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              Hi All,
              I am having trouble with tipping when I roast This bean.

              I have tried being Very gentle but still get little black dots in the corner of many beans. I can see a few of them in the photo at the start of this thead, but my roasts are lighter and the tipping stands out more.

              I roast with a hottop. My gentle attemp was a 20min roast, 270gms slow rise to FC - half power 1 min before FC and through to the drop 5 mins later just before SC.

              Even with tipping I am impressed with the full bodied nutty espressos I am getting - just wonder if they could be better.

              IS tipping normal for this bean?