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  • Mexico El Malinal Typica

    I cannot believe this bean doesn't have it's own thread yet!!!

    Initially I was using it in my KJM Blend. Recently I have been roasting it on its own to CS10.

    It is a stunning coffee. As Andy describes it 'full of spice and cocoa'.

    Drinks beautifully as an espresso and awesome in milk.

    Also for newbies - a bit like the Peru - it is an easy bean to roast.

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    Will have to try as a SO again. I think last time I was too light. i found similar with the Mexico YNT, that I didn't like it until I learned to rost to CS10.... now it's one of my favourites!


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      From your own visual observations, would C10 for this bean take it approximately 20-30 seconds into second crack and does it have the appearance containing specks of
      oil on the surface?

      Has anyone taken it to C9 or before second crack and liked it?

      Has anyone tried it in a blend?

      I do understand that C10 is the recommended roast level for this Mexicano.


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        Judging a roast simply by colour is very difficult. The previous Mexican Typica from BB and others I have tried, need to be taken into second crack. I have had great results with no oil, and just a few specks of oil showing, as well. Try a slow gentle approach into second crack, with a bit of time between first and second crack. I have used them in a blend instead of Indos, and had success.


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          Thanks for your feedback Bosco,

          I will be adding some of this into my blend knowing it's ability to cut through the milk with it's cocoa characters.

          Will do some sample roasts in the Baby Roaster to different roast levels and then cup the results before deciding to pick the right one for the blend.

          So for a C10 from your findings would that be about 30 odd seconds into second crack or just hitting second crack?


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            With the Baby roaster, I find its a bit different. I gauge by smoke. After rolling first crack, the volume of smoke reduces. When second crack is about to start it increases, then you get a whole lot coming out. I use this as a guide. I allow at least 30 seconds from here, but open it up and do a visual. Sometimes you can put it back on the heat for a few seconds more, turn off the heat completely, let the beans stabilise, then tip out and cool. Personally, i do not like dark roasted beans (CS11+), but have experimented with them to see what roast flavours develop.
            I find you need to do at least 4-5 roasts with a bean to truly understand what roast level you prefer.


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              These Mexicans are certainly amazing! I'm still not quite sure how to classify them though taste wise.
              I've just finished a couple of kg's I picked up from a local roaster (so don't exactly know what plantation it was) but they were the most amazing smelling greens ever. Like a huge hit of tropical fruit coming out of the ziplock it was supplied in. When roasted to CS8-9 they really punch through milk with a citrus zest / spice flavour - super strong but not that heavy, if that makes sense? Like adding Midori to soy!
              Need to order a few more kg, try to roast them a bit darker to see how that goes - but certainly worth persisting with! I love strong beans - and these ones rip it up! Would go really well blended with some nice Mocha Java I reckon :-)


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                Update… just working through the end of some SO darker roasted Mexicans (CS9-10). About 2 1/2 weeks post roast - quite oily now, but getting better & better! Much richer body, with less of the sharp fruit in the taste, but much more choc/caramel - bit still great fruit aroma as a doppio or thru milk. These ones seem to need a good rest.
                Drinking them too in plunger over the long weekend - quite startling at 100% in that form! I ended up mixing them 2:3 with a normal blend - which was much more drinkable.
                Nice one :-)