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  • Sumatran Mandheling Select

    Hi people.
    Compared to my friends and work mates, I'm a coffee snob.
    Compared to most people on this forum, I'm just a noob!

    Just wanted to sing the praises of this Sumatran Mandheling Select bean.
    It is bold with the dark cocoa tones just like the description says. I give it 5 stars, it's really, really tasty, thanks CS.
    I always buy whole bean roasted from CS and make my cup using a Delonghi Magnifica with filtered rain water.
    These are the beans I've tried and my amatuer ratings on them.

    *Note on the Ethiopian:
    First few cups I had I loved it, then grew tired of it within a week. I read some other posts on here that I may need to change the grind on that bean?

    Sumatran *****
    PNG Kone Ka Estate ****
    Espresso WoW ****
    Ethiopian ***
    Coffee Snobs Gold ***


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    3/3 said it was delicious no bitterness and very nice on the pallet, even the delivery man said it smelt good in his van ( I'm sure I heard him shaking it on his way up the drive way)


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      This one is the first roasted bean i've ordered from BeanBay, and it is great, i agree with the OP