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Burundi Ngozi- anyone tried it?

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  • Burundi Ngozi- anyone tried it?

    Hi All,

    I'm considering my next Beanbay purchase and am debating the Burundi Ngozi. Andy's description of the bean's origin is detailed, but there's nothing about flavour profile. Any feedback from those who may have tried it? I generally like African beans, so I'm guessing I won't hate it one way or the other...



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    I am really enjoying the Burundi. I find it to be well balanced, good body and crema, low acid and smooth sweetness. Not as sweet as the super-sweet Kenyans and more refined than most Ethiopians - a really good coffee. I've never bothered to blend it, it tastes so good on its own - as either espresso or in millk.



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      nice bean to drink on its own, not the best to blend.
      sweet honey, cocoa taste with an orange after taste, the quality of the beans are great, not the easiest to roast though


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        Thanks for the info, sounds like I'll like it. D4MMO, what did you find difficult about the roasting process?


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          the beans are unevenly sized, which means the small ones roast quicker then the big ones,
          this is partly why the beans are translated well in the cup as a milk based coffee, the lighter roast provides delicate flavors and the darker roasted smaller beans provide that dark chocolate bite to cut through the milk.
          however dont let this put you off, its a quality bean with more complexity but not as clean as say an Ethiopian or kenya.


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            Cool, I don't mind a mixed-bag roast, as you say it adds a bit of variety! Will grab some next time I order beans. Thanks again folks :-)