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Ugandan - Kisoro AA

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  • Ugandan - Kisoro AA

    Got some of these last month and did a 416 g roast today.
    (2500 g bag/6 = 6 roasts of 416 g and they fit perfectly into a 250 g bag when finished)

    No other notes on this so this is what happened to me.
    Easy roast nothing out of the ordinary.

    Roasted to CS10 as per Bean Bay suggestion.
    see graph for roasting details.

    Will post my 'informative' cupping notes in +- 7 days time when the bag is cracked open.
    They are on the desk next to me and that just roasted smell is every where.


    Click image for larger version

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    Day 6 arrived and just had to taste the smell that was emanating from the cupboard.

    After 1 week of Indian Monsoon Malibar Gold...this had a bit more body, but not a lot.
    30ml shot - 20g - 45 sec pour/latte

    Taste...little bit acidy/mild
    Caramelly, Syrup-like, maple syrup

    Very easy to drink.

    Will keep a bag of this or the Indian MM Gold around for sure.
    Makes a pleasant change from the more acidy and rich choc or cocoa flavors.
    But a week is enough....

    Next roast will have more body with rich dark flavours.
    Like the Colombian Volcan Galeras.

    Maybe the answer is to have one of each on different and both so nice.

    Happy roasting


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      I pre blended this with the El Triunfo Arabiga, roasted to very first scouts of 2nd crack.
      Blend was 60/40 African/Mexican...............mmmmmmmmm nice, a cracker actually!!


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        Originally posted by chokkidog 486141
        ; mmmmmmmmm nice, a cracker actually!!
        What a difference 2 days make.
        Day 9 and this is as you say a mmmmmmm cracker.

        Choc and honey flavours abound and a soooooth mouth feel.
        Sweet as!! And as the latte cools down it doesn't disappoint.

        One to remember.
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          Just had my first cup of my 2nd batchof this bean.
          8 days post roast.

          Just like previous roast.
          This bean ticks all my boxes.

          Smooth choc, cocoa, butter mouth feel...


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            This bean...
            'floats my boat'
            'ticks all the boxes'
            'puts a party in your mouth'

            so just ordered more before the secret gets out and there is none left!!!

            Due to 38Deg C temp outside, and still rising, all roasting for today is postponed.


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              I agree.... this has lots of spice and cocoa notes, which is unusual for an african.
              It hasn't had much love here, but I love it!
              In fact, must get some more...


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                Ugandan - Kisoro AA

                I tried my second roast in the behmor today with these beans.

                200gms - 1/2 - P2 - B

                I hit cool with 30 seconds to go as I thought I heard second crack (wondering if I should have let the go 10 seconds more). I don't have a CS card so unsure of what range they are.... Was hoping for CS10 but think maybe I fell short

                Click image for larger version

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                  Ugandan - Kisoro AA

                  I've been into these for a little while too, very tasty drop :-)