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Indonesian Wahana Estate - Natural

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  • Indonesian Wahana Estate - Natural

    We cupped this today, and I figured why not write about it.

    There's been some mixed thoughts going around re this coffee on twitter and the like... some hates, some likes.

    The dry aroma: sweet, earthy

    Cupped: Instant watermelon notes, full body, low acidity, dark fruits

    Brewed: (Kone pour-over) Very heavy and full body, syrupy, far less watermelon notes, more dark fruits, some cocoa or choc.

    I have to say, it was a highlight for me amongst four CoE's and a Guatemala I provided. It was interesting

    I have a kg, so I think I'll be mostly roasting it to suit filter brewing, but also keen to try a small batch roasted darker for espresso. Worth a try and probably not what you'd expect.

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    The Wahana was roasted into rolling first crack (10mins) for cupping and filter brewing.
    It was great seeing the reaction on the cuppers faces as they sniffed the dry aroma and then when cupping it!
    Am enjoying a syphon brew as I type this--clean, great body nice and juicy with plum and stonefruit flavours dominant--a great way to kick off the day!!


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      drool! I best drink up some of this other stuff before I roast the Wahana


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        It is a fairly soft bean that likes a finer grind. like all soft beans you need to be gentle with them, roasting or extracting.


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          Haven't yet tried it for espresso, but it's a treat on the filter! Would be smashing on ice too I'd say


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            Had this a few ways ways, at work and home, also had a lighter roast in a syphon. It's one of the more unique beans out there. Very rich flavors, a little bit of funk "forest floor" as would be expected from anything that can produces watermelon dark chocolate notes in the same mouthful.

            Love it.


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              I like this bean just on the verge of second crack, in the corretto there is a little puff of smoke and some fine chaff just before SC starts,

              As a SO espresso it is really punchy, loads of funky in your face acidity thats short lived, smooth rich finish. Excellent as a double shot latte or flat white, really lets some of the more subtle flavours shine. Quite a complex coffee and really adds a special something to a blend.