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Sulawesi Blue Peaberry - "mottled" coloring

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  • Sulawesi Blue Peaberry - "mottled" coloring

    Looking for some guidance if it is normal. With dry processed beans I get a nice thorough bright green, then yellow, then tan. The stages are usually very clear.

    With this bean there is no clear green/yellow, only and ugly patchy yellow and brown. At first I assumed this meant I wasn't drying enough. The end result is mottled or patchy coloring, ie on a single bean there are patches of a lighter brown (dumped after 1C for drip).

    Evidence in the cup seems to indicate the beans are already dry enough as when I stretch the drying out I get a very biscuity flavor (in the darker espresso roast around 2C) which I've seen before from drying too long.

    All in all it is really nice and good cups but I'm not sure if there's more I can get out of it. Anyone seen this bean dry like I described for dry processed or can it be ignored?

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    This is what my drip roast dumped around 1C looked like. The patchy yellow brown coloring during when drying is probably reflected in the mottled appearance.

    Another way to describe the drying is that the beans are often a dark yellowish color with brown on the edges, ie only the outside is getting roasted and the rest is quite wet.

    Anyway keen to hear other's experiences!
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      Looks like a fair bit of chaff still on the beans if you dumped them at first crack.


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        There is one or two with some chaff on the curved side of the bean.. Or are you talking about the centre line? The patchy coloring is mainly the bean surface and not chaff that didn't come off!

        Maybe I also need a pic of what they look like drying.. I guess I was expecting to see a clear yellow color but I don't seem to get it with these..


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          Re: Sulawesi Blue Peaberry - "mottled" coloring

          just roasted 500g -- first crack at 10min stopped roast at 10.30 during rolling first crack.
          roast was a bit patchy but not excessively so.
          gave a bean the chomp test and it was firm and evenly roasted throughout.
          ran some through the grinder and it smelt pretty darn good, a pourover won't be too far off methinks!!!
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            Ah your lighting worked out a lot better than mine, if that is pretty close to the real color I think mine is pretty similar. I have had really nice pour over (v60) from this so maybe the worries are unfounded. My times are also similar, yours seem to have the same mottling so I guess that's another reason not to worry

            I only just noticed there is another thread on a similar topic which got bumped up yesterday, thanks for the input and happy brewing!!