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  • Ethiopia Oromia Coop Limu

    I dont post to much in this area but must add that i have roasted a batch of this Ethiopia bean and i've have found it to be fantastic. Although the body doesn't stand out as much in a milk based drink it is complemented by the overall smoothness of the coffee. Very easy to drink as milk based and espresso. I have tried this each day since roasting and i have found its improved each day. Its been 5 days post roast. Very easy to roast also.



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    Hi all,

    I've tried a similar blend at a cafe in Melbourne and it was ok i didn't mind it but i seem to find that the Honduras blend is my fave


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      Hey coffeechris,

      11 days post roast .......... did any of the Limu make it this far?


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        I just came home from basketball with the intention of putting more comments on here regarding this bean. I came home from work this afternoon and had yet another nice couple of coffees with this bean. I had it as an espresso and wanted to test as a latte. I must admit post roast to this day i much prefer it as an espresso. With the milk based drink this afternoon although it was nice however it did lack the body i somewhat hoped to get from it through the milk.

        That aside it was smooth and had a really nice feel in the mouth which is one of my main aims when choosing the right coffees. So that i feel i achieved in this roast.



        Chokkidog...Im surprised it made it till today, most of mine are gone by day

        Ps.. Roasting this one again this week and im looking to do a rather light roast and one at the other end of the chart being a little darker than the first one ive done just to see what can be achieved.


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          Chocolate and cherries; what more is there to say?! Bloody lovely espresso! :-)


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            The aroma off the grinder is amazing. It fills the house with wonderful floral aromas for quite some time. Mid body espresso, nice balanced acidity, quite a bit of cherry as wiffle pointed out. Worked well in the aeropress as well. Excited about this one.


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              Had this one in the grinder at the Snobbery a few times in the last couple of weeks and yep, it's a stunner.

              Sadly not much left but we have already put our name down for some more next season.