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Costa Rica Tarrazu La Guaria

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  • Costa Rica Tarrazu La Guaria

    I thought this was a specatacular coffee. Did anyone else have the same good results?

    Initially, we didn't get along because I think I roasted it a little too light but with a ~16min roast finishing on or just shy of second crack, the end result was perfect central american espresso.

    The notes I made read: aromatic, hints of nuts and spice. Complex palate punctuated by slight citrus acidity, biscuity savoury characters and long slightly sweet finish with a gentle cocoa bite.

    Andy, out of interest, are we able to find out the varietal(s) this is made up of so that it might be a point of reference to look for similar cup qualities in the future?


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    It's mainly Caturra.
    La Guaria is a small family farm and the coffee is milled at the ASOPROAAA facility
    Asoproaaa/Productores de Acosta y Aserri/Café de Costa Rica
    The mill requires the use of organic fertilisers and selective picking and other parameters which raise the standard of output. Many CoE coffees come from this mill, which also provides education, funding and extension services.


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      Thanks for the detailed reply. I will look forward to following up on this.