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    Beanbay description "Rwanda Ruhuha grade 1. Super clean and well processed this dense coffee is another Rwandan cocoa bomb. Taken to CS9-10 on a slow ramp the acidity is tame and the cocoa and spices come to the front. As an espresso its mid bodied and balanced with a smooth mouth feel, in milk its even better. Great all round coffee.

    I really like this coffee! 6 days post roast.

    2 of the best Piccolos i have had from my own hands. Gaggia double basket, 20g, ended up around 2 x 25ml in 35sec. 106 degrees on the PID (Auber RTD)

    Added milk to one shot tasted , then tasted the other shot straight up, then added milk to it.

    The BB description is really spot on, I got some mild / spicy acidity first up, quickly taken over by sweet sweet chocolate , which develops / finishes into cocoa. What i REALLY like about the cocoa in this coffee as opposed to other choc bombs i have had, it doesn't have the really dry cocoa finish, just rich, sweet and spicy.

    First shot i choked my machine, second i produced the aforementioned. Really easy coffee to roast and at a bargain price. Im pretty close to getting another bag right away.

    I hit rolling FC in the corretto around 14min, start of SC 5min later at which time i dumped the beans.

    This would be real crowd pleaser.
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    Can anyone suggest what would be the ideal profile for this bean in the Behmor?


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      Rwanda Ruhuha

      Reading the description I would try P3 first. Although I haven't used this bean, I've had better results with P3 (vs P2) on other Rwandan beans.


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        Thanks Steve82 for the review will definitely order


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          I concur with Steve's short review of this Bean. It is a good chocolately bean which produces a very nice clean finish. For the price it is excellent value.


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            I also agree with this, for the price is a great bean. I have roasted this a few times and i've been happy with it each time.