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Issues with my Ethiopian Harrar Longberry roast

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  • Issues with my Ethiopian Harrar Longberry roast

    Just tried my roast which I thought was a light roast 3mins from FC 7 days old. Around CS7.

    I was expecting fruity berry and bright. Tried it on cold drip and syphon. Was horrible

    Earthy, bitter, no complexity at all. What did I do wrong? I use a closed corretto 600g raw. FC at 9:55. Drop at 13:55. Nothing seemed out of place. I've been roasting for 6months and mostly taste fine. This is one of those that I can't explain. Did a decaf wow that turned out a bit like this as well. Is it that I scorched it? How can I tell? It doesn't seem scorched though...

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    Could it be that I am bit cooling the beans fast enough and it is toasting?


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      I had a lot of problems getting a good roast of Harrar from a corretto. I think I may have managed it once but I'm sure others have had more success. I didn't have the same problem with a KKTO.

      I think CS7 is a tad too light for this bean. Try a gentler ramp/slower roast and stop just before or at the very first snips of second crack to get the blueberry notes and sweetness Harrar is known for.

      Don't throw out your current roast. Try it again after 12 days.

      The Decaf Wow needs to be roasted to the start of second crack. It will still come out dark - that's decaf for you.


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        I found a much slower longer roast was better for harrar, but I never found the killer berry I wanted, just a hint in the aroma. FC was closer to 14 mins from memory, dumping the beans at 218C at 17-18 mins.