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  • Hawaiin Kona Kaipo

    Roasted 500g to first snaps of second crack for espresso. 12.5mins first crack 16mins dump to cooler, lovely even roast.
    An amazingly clean cup with good body and sweetness, really shone as a short black with heaps of body and oh so smooth!!!
    Got a little lost in a flat white/capuccino but pleasing as a traditional short mach.

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    I have this to very clean bean, even roast and easy to roast. When it came time to grind it i have to say the aroma was amazing. As a short black i couldnt fault it but when it came to a latte it seemed to lose the body it had. I feel it does have characteristic other beans have, however there are a number of other beans i would choose over it due to its price per kg.

    Kind regards,


    ps..i am however thinking of buying some more so it makes my last statement a little hypocritical


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      Also loved it as a long black!!