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Tea - Ceylon Kitulgala Pekoe

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  • Tea - Ceylon Kitulgala Pekoe

    Andy has sourced another absolute ripper tea with this one:

    Ceylon Kitulgala Pekoe

    I like a tea that can be brewed long for strength and depth of flavour, but without getting bitter and with low tannins. This tea hits the spot in that regards. The leaves are long, but well curled so they benefit from a longer steeping time with a smaller amount of tea.

    I usually have milk and a dash of honey, but this tea is also wonderful black.

    I hope this becomes a stock standard for CoffeeSnobs tea drinkers. I prefer it even to the one off Ceylon Organic orange pekoe we had here back in ... last decade sometime.

    Andy, can you source this on a regular basis? I hope so.