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  • Costa Rica Geisha SHB

    I'm going to drop 5kg of this little beauty tomorrow...

    Needless that the phone will be on silent while it's in the drum...

    Wish me luck!

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    And here I was thinking about a visit tomorrow! ;-D

    Now I might put it off a week!! ;-D;-D;-D

    Good luck! Double check your gas supplies! :-D


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      I found it an easy bean to roast. I ended up dropping it 8 degrees celsius lower than typical second crack and enjoyed the roast as espresso. It's got the typical sweetness and floral/citrus notes I associate with geisha although not as pronounced as some top Panama versions such as Don Pachi (which is almost twice the price).


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        Curiosity got the better of me and we just ran some through the aeropress.

        This is one special coffee....A beautiful example of everything I'd hope for from a Geisha coffee.

        FWIW, we took it a little further than kwantfm, I dumped the roast just as the first scout went into 2nd- about 3 deg. C from true 2nd.
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          My first time roasting a Geisha. I gave it my strandard SHB profile, ending the roast about 5 degrees prior to first snaps of second. About 14 mins all up.

          5 days post roast, double espresso = lots of sweetness and delicate floral in aroma and front palate with a very pleasant acidity. Full bodied but very clean at the same time, light caramels in the finish, long lasting after taste. Makes a brilliant strong flat white as well.

          I might try shortening my maillard phase a fraction on the next roast see if I can get it to " POP " just a bit more.


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            I began drinking a batch from Talk Coffee today. I've got to agree with Steve82 here. I was thinking of my description and then came here and saw he'd already summed it up.
            A real sweet espresso with delicate florals, very pleasant acidity, full bodied yet clean and smooth with a caramel finish. See, what Steve82 said.


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              I liked this but thought the Jaramilla shb was nicer and more complex. If prefer this to be a bit brighter (but could just be my roast).


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                What does SHB mean?


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                  "Strictly hard bean" I think?


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                    Yes, it refers to high grown coffee or coffee that is grown above about/approx 4000 ft.


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                      If you google 'coffee classification and grading' you'll find all you need to know. But there's some info here:



                      The hardness of a bean is determined by the number of cells per cubic millimetre. The higher the number the harder the bean.

                      The higher the altitude the denser the cell structure.


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                        A great LB through the aeropress - light and tangy, still tasting it 30 min later. Roasted to 215, I normally get to SC around 220.
                        Fruitiness and acidity, complexity developed more as it cooled. Perhaps this is why I liked it brewed this way.
                        Also was great in a 50/50 blend with ethiopian gambella, again as an aeropress LB.


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                          Ah, thanks for that Jack, Chris and Dog.


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                            Is the current Geisha the same as the one on this thread from 3 years ago? Either way, I roasted it yesterday, halfway between FC and SC (it was quite cold so the popper took longer than usual).

                            Today on the filter, it was a clean Latin American washed coffee with a hint of smoke (not so much tea or the bergamot of Earl Grey, though). Balanced with quite a full mouth, although the finish is not as long as the Sidamo Ardi natural.

                            I like it, but debating whether it is worth the $1-2/cup this would cost me to have this as the regular Latin American washed (over Colombian VG). I guess that's what I used to pay for roasted beans. Either way, looking forward to trying various roast profiles and this 1kg will go quickly.


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                              Roasted 300g of the San Marcos washed Geisha for filter brewing. Did a 9 minute roast 4C into first crack. Great looking roast, nice and even.
                              Today I cupped it 5 days post roast--a zesty green apple acidity with fruity notes, rich body, nice and clean with a lingering mouthfeel😃😃😃😃A most enjoyable experience and totally different to Panama Geisha I have tried.