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Tanzania Kyaurinde Faircrack Pulped

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  • Tanzania Kyaurinde Faircrack Pulped

    Wondering if anyone's got any feedback on this bean yet? I just roasted up 350gm in the Behmor on 1lb P2 B. Pulled with 1.50 to go at the start of 2nd crack. Smells great straight out of the roaster and looks pretty even. Certainly behaved itself a lot better for me than the machare estate variety in terms of not racing to 2c. Click image for larger version

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    I'll start hooking into this been in a few days and let you know what I think.

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    I wish I had the 'palettey' words to do it justice, but I just don't. Tried this bean every day for the last 4 days. Through milk it is stunning. A real punchy, latte - cuts through the milk really well. As a long black.... sour? Just felt like it needed longer in the bag. Today, bingo. Sourness has mellowed into a really nice smooth, buttery long black. So I think that's 8 days post roast?? Keen to hear what other think. Due to the even size and easy roastabilty, I can see this becoming a great base for some of my future blends....


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      Should add, today had a long black through the aeropress and got some nice chocolate & even smoother. Running out though : (


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        I'm about to roast this, will report back with results


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          Great looking roast there daledugahole. Was there much fruitiness? Dosing lower can tame acidic shots to some degree if that's what you meant by sour. Looking forward to roasting this when my order arrives....


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            Javabeen.... just roasted up another batch last night, so I'll have another taste test in a few days & and report back. Roasted them and a batch of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe to compare against each other. I've finally made the switch from blends to single origins in the attempt to become a bit better at working out whats what!

            Definitely a pretty simple bean to roast... good uniform size. I found the yirgy being a bit smaller ends up with quite a few trapped in the drum mesh of the behmor. Poor little suckers....

            How'd you go ajoesmith? Cracked the bag yet?


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              Didn't like this bean on its own but found it beautiful with a blend with 40% Brazil Natural, 30% India MM and 30% TK. Great pour, was like toasted marshmallows. All roasted separately to RFC it was enjoyed by folk who don't like strong coffee as well ( which was who I was blending it for)

              Cheers CH