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Smoked meat?

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  • Smoked meat?

    On my way to work this morning I was drinking my FW (blend of sulawesi, malabar & bali) and got what I swear was a hit of smoked meat, almost like bacon. It was only brief, and early on. It was quite striking, but not unpleasant. Could it be the blend, my roasting, a wierd neurological anomaly or just that my dishwasher needs a good clean out? I noticed that "smokey" is on the tasting wheel on the aroma side. Anyone else had a similar experience, or is able shed some light here?

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    Never had smoked meat but I am getting a "woody" taste from Brazil natural pulped 40% / Waghi AA 60% which I mixed and roasted to CS 10. The only trouble with that is I have never tasted wood, so it cant be true Lol.